Wednesday, October 28, 2015

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Today's Daily Dharma: The Fruits of Solitude

The Fruits of Solitude
We can't kid ourselves: if we never take a break from our busy lives, it's going to be extremely difficult to tame our minds. This is why it's recommended to take time every day to meditate. Even short periods of sitting silently with ourselves allow the mind to settle down.
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Via Sri Prem Baba: Flor do Dia- Flor del Día - Flower of the Day 28/10/2015

“A água nos oferece muitos ensinamentos. Se você observá-la, verá que ela jamais impõe a sua cor a nada ou a ninguém. Ela está sempre recebendo todas as cores. Assim ela nos ensina sobre a aceitação e a humildade; sobre a liberdade de fluir sem se apegar a nada. Ela nos mostra caminhos para atravessarmos os grandes desafios dessa tão desafiadora etapa da nossa jornada evolutiva.

“El agua nos ofrece muchas enseñanzas. Si la observas, verás que ella jamás impone su color a nada o a nadie. Está siempre recibiendo todos los colores. Así nos enseña sobre la aceptación y la humildad, sobre la libertad de fluir sin apegarse a nada. Nos muestra caminos para atravesar los grandes desafíos de esta tan desafiante etapa de nuestro camino evolutivo.”

"Water offers us many lessons. If you observe water, you’ll see that it never imposes its color on anything or anyone. Water is always receiving the colors of the world. It teaches us about acceptance and humility; about the freedom of flowing without clinging to anything. It shows us ways to cross the great challenges that come in this extremely difficult stage of our evolutionary journey.”