Sunday, November 8, 2015

Via Sri Prem Baba: Flor do dia - Flor del día - Flower of the day 08/11/2015

“Sinto que estamos vivendo um momento no qual a Mãe divina, na forma da crise de sustentabilidade, está vivendo as dores do parto - ela está parindo a Verdade. Ela está tentando nos ensinar alguma coisa. Esse processo é bastante caótico, porém o universo nasce do caos. Esse é o movimento que possibilita a transformação.”

“Siento que estamos viviendo un momento en el que la Madre Divina, en la forma de la crisis de sustentabilidad, está viviendo los dolores del parto –está pariendo a la Verdad-. Está intentando enseñarnos algo. Este proceso es bastante caótico, sin embargo el universo nace del caos. Este es el movimiento que permite la transformación.”

“Due to the current sustainability crisis we are experiencing, I feel that the divine Mother is going through intense labor pains, as she is birthing the truth. The Divine Feminine is trying to teach us something. This process is rather chaotic though,just as the universe was born out of chaos. This movement is what enables the possibility for transformation to occur.”

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Today's Daily Dharma: No Matter What

No Matter What
We train our minds by looking into them. We just look in, not allowing ourselves to be carried away by our perceptions; we just look into what is going on, and ask, “Where does this come from?” We are training ourselves in the practice and study of Buddhism so that our thoughts and emotions do not disturb our true-nature mind, so that we can sit imperturbably no matter what.
—Maurine Stewart, "Our One and Only Commandment"
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