Monday, December 21, 2015

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Via Towleroad: Tim Cook Takes ’60 Minutes’ Inside Apple and Talks About His Own Coming Out: WATCH

Tim Cook

Last night 60 Minutes and Charlie Rose went inside Apple and spoke with CEO Tim Cook, Jony Ive, Angela Ahrendts, Eddie Cue, and other top officials about the company’s innovation, its secrecy, its design lab, the new ‘spaceship’ campus it is building in Cupertino, encryption, taxes, and host of other issues.

Rose also spoke with Cook about his decision to come out of the closet last year.
Said Cook:

“When you’re in a minority group it gives you a sense of empathy of what it’s like to be in the minority and you begin to look at things from different point of views, and I think it was a gift for me.”
Cook added:

“Honestly, I value my privacy. I’m a very private person. But it became increasingly clear to me that if I said something that it could help other people. And I’m glad, because I think that some kid somewhere, some kid in Alabama, I think if they just for a moment stop and say ‘if it didn’t limit him, it may not limit me.’ Or, this kid that’s getting bullied. Or worse, I’ve gotten notes from people contemplating suicide. And so if I could touch just one of those, it’s worth it. And I couldn’t look myself in the mirror without doing it.”

Watch Inside Apple, in two parts, below:

"All I Want For Christmas Is You" MUSIC VIDEO - Steve Grand

Via Sri Prem Baba: Flor do dia - Flor del día - Flower of the day 21/12/2015

“Em um sangha ou comunidade espiritual, é comum vermos buscadores tomados por um ‘ego espiritual’. Os mais adiantados quase não são vistos, e aqueles que precisam de atenção, estão realmente chamando atenção. Porém, você não deve se incomodar com isso, pois é o próprio ego que se incomoda com o ego do outro. Estando livre disso, você não liga para o que o outro está fazendo. Ele está na sua viagem, querendo sentir-se especial mas você não liga, pois sabe que é o que ele precisa viver; que é somente uma fase. Portanto, não se preocupe com o outro – trate de olhar para si mesmo.”

“En un sangha o comunidad espiritual, es común ver a los buscadores tomados por un "ego espiritual". Los más adelantados apenas son vistos, y aquellos que necesitan de atención, están realmente llamando la atención. Sin embargo, no debes incomodarte con esto, ya que es el propio ego el que se incomoda con el ego del otro. Estando libre de esto, no te enganchas con lo que el otro está haciendo. Él está en su viaje, queriendo sentirse especial pero no te molesta,porque sabes que es lo que precisa vivir; que solo es una fase. Por lo tanto, no te preocupes con el otro - trata de mirar hacia ti mismo.”

“In a sangha or spiritual community, it is common to find seekers taken over by the ‘spiritual ego.’ Truly advanced seekers are almost invisible, while those who yearn for attention really clamor for it. But please don’t be bothered by this, for it is the ego itself that is bothered by the ego in the other. If you are free of this, you won’t even pay attention to what the other is doing. That person may be in their own trip wanting to feel special, but you don’t get affected because you know this is what that person is needing to go through, that it's just a phase. In sum, don’t worry about the other, and take a good look at yourself.”

Today's Daily Dharma: Brave Uncertainty

Brave Uncertainty
Anxiety, heartbreak, and tenderness mark the in-between state. It's the kind of place we usually want to avoid. . . . When we are brave enough to stay in the middle, compassion arises spontaneously.
—Pema Chödrön, "The In-between State"
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