Monday, July 18, 2016

I posted this on FB: N E V E R ever… N U N C A!

Because of republican / evangelical opposition to the GLBTq community, I left my own country to stay with my husband. 

>> I will pause here to let that sink in <<

Luckily he is Brazilian and in 2010, Brasil allowed spouses of GLBTq Brazilians to immigrate. In fact, because of our PHD's they wanted us! 

Over 12 years, it cost us well over $30,000.00 for my husband to stay in the USA legally, and it just became too expensive, and to be honest we were tired of being treated as less than 2nd class citizens. So we decided to sell everything (in the process we lost our home - a 22 year investment down the tube - in a short sale because the BUSH government destroyed the economy) and immigrated to a country that, with all its problems, respects marriage equality. 

Thank you / Obrigado Brasil!

As someone who has been traveling and living off and on in Latin America since 1980, and who has lived overseas now for almost 6 years, and has been voting by mail-in ballot... all I can say is shame on the USA for even thinking of this Trump regime! And shame on anyone who enables it! 

Trump-Pence will be the final and complete end to any form of democracy left in the USA. Astonishing how some former Berners and republicans will gladly throw their GLBTQ family, colleagues, neighbors, acquaintances under the bus for this extremist right wing tea party evangelical FoxTV Nazi party! 

As someone who has lived in numerous countries in Latin America, the USA has created shit storm after shit storm here… (creating even more illegal immigration!). The last one being Iran-Contra in Nicaragua and Guatemala, where over a million people died in THAT forgotten republican intervention, and where the instability left from it still lingers. 

I could not, will not, cannot EVER vote for ANY republican… because of their egregious foreign policy - IRAQ being the last time we made this mistake - and because of their homophobia. 

N E V E R ever… N U N C A!