Saturday, January 16, 2016

Via Sri Prem Baba: Flor do dia - Flor del día - Flower of the day - 16/01/2016

"O karma é uma dívida de aprendizado. Quando apreende a lição, você se liberta da teia karmica. E se libertar significa mover-se em direção ao dharma e à compreensão do propósito da sua alma. Dharma é a lei universal, o caminho do coração; é a ação correta que te leva à morada sagrada. Tudo o que nasce dessa compreensão é bênção. São impulsos de construção, união, amor, saúde e prosperidade.”

"El karma es una deuda de aprendizaje. Cuando aprendes la lección, te liberas de la tela kármica. Y liberarse significa moverse en dirección al dharma y a la comprensión del propósito de tu alma. Dharma es la ley universal, el camino del corazón, es la acción correcta que te lleva a la morada sagrada. Todo lo que nace de esta comprensión es bendición. Son impulsos de construcción, unión, amor, salud y prosperidad.”

"Karma is a debt of learning. When we learn the lesson, we are freed from the karmic web. Freeing ourselves means moving towards our dharma and understanding our soul’s purpose. Dharma is the universal law – the path of the heart. It is the correct action that takes us to the sacred abode. All that is born from this understanding is a blessing. Dharma manifests as constructive actions that bring union, love, health and prosperity.”

Via Daily Dharma: Happiness and the Marketplace

The good news is that genuine happiness is not out there in the marketplace to be purchased or acquired from the best teacher around. One of the best-kept secrets is that the happiness we’re striving for so desperately in the perfect spouse, the great kids, the fine job, security, excellent health, and good looks has always been within and is just waiting to be unveiled. Knowing that what we are seeking comes from within changes everything. 

—B. Alan Wallace, "What is True Happiness?"