Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Outrageous Oral, Volume 2: Jack Evans and George Harris

Dallas LGBT History: Jack Evans and George Harris Full Interview

Jack Evans and George Harris

Via Sri Prem Baba: Flor do dia -Flor del día - Flower of the day 20/01/2016

“É preciso ter coragem para sustentar o êxtase na relação, o que significa sustentar o coração aberto enquanto o outro também está aberto. A conexão da energia sexual com o coração pode causar medo, pois ela gera uma poderosa onda de luz e, estando identificado com a sombra (com os círculos viciosos do sofrimento), você teme ser tocado pela luz. A escuridão é somente ausência de luz. Se você acredita ser a escuridão, quando a luz surge, você teme ser aniquilado.”

“Es necesario tener coraje para sostener el éxtasis en la relación, lo que significa sostener el corazón abierto mientras el otro también está abierto. La conexión de la energía sexual con el corazón puede causar miedo, ya que genera una poderosa ola de luz y estando identificado con la sombra (con los círculos viciosos del sufrimiento), temes ser tocado por la luz. La oscuridad es solamente ausencia de luz. Si crees que eres la oscuridad, cuando la luz surge, temes ser aniquilado.”

"It takes courage to sustain ecstasy in a relationship, which means sustaining an open heart while the other’s heart is also open. When our sexual energy connects with our hearts, it can bring up fear because this connection generates a powerful wave of light. If we are identified with the shadow and its vicious cycles of suffering, then we fear being touched by the light. If we believe that we are the darkness itself, then we fear being annihilated when the light approaches us. Darkness is merely the absence of light.”

Via Daily Dharma: What Giving Is

Generosity takes many forms—we may give our time, our energy, our material possessions, our love. All are expressions of caring, of compassion, of connection, and of renunciation—the ability to let go. The beauty of generosity is that it not only brings us happiness in the moment—we feel good when we give—but it is also the cause for happiness to arise in the future. 

—Joseph Goldstein, "The Evolution of Happiness"