Friday, February 19, 2016

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América torna-se uma nação melhor quando juntos dizemos não ao racismo, ao ódio e à intolerância. #AmericaTogether

Thylacine | Full Gay Short Film

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Via Ram Das: Weekly Article: I Am Loving Awareness

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When talking about awareness, most of us identify with our awareness through the ego, through the mind and senses. But the true self is in the middle of our chest, in our spiritual heart.

So, to get from ego to the true self I say, “I am loving awareness.” Loving awareness is the soul. “I am loving awareness.” I am aware of everything, I’m aware of my body and my senses and my mind, I’m aware of all of it, but I notice that I’m loving all of it. I’m loving all of the world.
The self that I identify with emanates from the ocean of love. The self that is the ego is the ocean of fear. When I am loving awareness, I’m aware of everything outside, but pulling into the heart, the spiritual heart, brings me to loving awareness. I’m aware of my thoughts, but loving awareness is simply witnessing them. Loving awareness is in this moment.
I have thoughts about the past and future, but those are not helpful, so I dive deep into the presence and in this present moment we will find loving awareness. Only this moment is real, this moment of loving awareness. The past and the future are all just thoughts.
In this spiritual heart there is peace, there is contentment, and there is compassion. There is also joy and wisdom, all inside of your spiritual heart and mine. So when you say, “I want a peaceful world” you don’t look outside, you go inside where peace exists. In Hinduism the spiritual heart is called the Atman, it’s the God within.
In Hinduism there is a story about a horse drawn carriage. The horseman who is on top of the carriage represents the ego, and the spiritual heart or the soul is in the carriage. The horses represent your motivation, and anytime the soul decides that the horse is going the wrong way, the soul takes his stick and taps on the window and tells the horseman to go in a different direction. So most of us identify with the horseman, because you are an incarnation that includes the ego.
The soul has come from many previous incarnations, it’s been through many births and deaths and it has no fear. The ego is afraid that when this incarnation is ended, it’s all going to end. The soul knows that he or she goes through incarnation after incarnation. Your incarnation includes your parents, your body, your friends, your culture.

I am in this body – this body, my personality, are all in time and space, but I am not in time or space. I am infinite. I am loving awareness.

– Ram Dass

Via Sri Prem Baba: Flor do dia - Flor del día - Flower of the day 19/02/2016

“A impaciência é uma derivação da ansiedade. Muitos buscadores espirituais iniciam o caminho por causa do sofrimento que a ansiedade gera, mas acabam transferindo essa ansiedade para o caminho espiritual. Antes você tinha ansiedade em relação à realização material, agora você se torna impaciente e ansioso em relação à realização espiritual. Portanto, tenha calma. Através do conhecimento e das práticas, nós estamos plantando sementes, mas não podemos saber quando elas germinarão. O nosso trabalho é cuidar das sementes, sem determinar quando elas irão brotar e dar flores ou frutos.”

“La impaciencia es una derivación de la ansiedad. Muchos buscadores espirituales inician el camino debido al sufrimiento que la ansiedad genera, pero terminan transfiriendo esta ansiedad al camino espiritual. Antes tenías ansiedad en relación a la realización material, ahora te volviste impaciente y ansioso en relación a la realización espiritual. Por lo tanto, ten calma. A través del conocimiento y de las prácticas, estamos plantando semillas, pero no podemos saber cuándo van a germinar. Nuestro trabajo es cuidar las semillas, sin determinar cuándo van a brotar y dar flores o frutos.”

"Impatience is a result of anxiety. Many spiritual seekers begin on this path due to the suffering that anxiety generates, but they end up transferring this anxiety onto the spiritual path. Initially, one may have had anxiety about material achievement, but one may now be impatient and anxious about spiritual realization. So, stay calm. Through knowledge and practice, we are planting seeds, but we cannot predict when they will sprout. Our job is to take care of these seeds, without determining when they will sprout or bear flowers and fruit.”

Via Daily Dharma: Focused Attention

An ordinary person’s attention strays according to any movement of mind. Suddenly there is the confusion of believing in self and other, subject and object, and this situation goes on and on repeating itself endlessly.

— Tulku Urgyen Rinpoche, "Taking Your Future Into Your Own Hands"