Sunday, March 6, 2016

Via Ram Dass

March 6, 2016

Work to extricate yourself from the illusion of your own separateness, and then you do what you do in life. And as you do what you do in life, if you’re a shoemaker you make shoes, if you’re a mother you raise your children; whatever you’re doing that is the vehicle through which you express that. It’s like C.S. Lewis saying you don’t see the center because it’s all center. But whatever you are is the center of the whole game, and it resonates out from there. A fully conscious bus driver can affect everybody that’s in the traffic around them, everybody that steps on their bus.

Via Sri Prem Baba: Flor do dia - Flor del día - Flower of the day - 06/03/2016

“Amanhã é celebrado na Índia o Mahashivaratri (‘a grande noite de Shiva’) uma data muito auspiciosa por conta da configuração astrológica e astronômica. É o momento do ano no qual a lua exerce menor influência sobre a mente humana, o que favorece a experiência da comunhão com o Divino, através da união entre o masculino (Shiva) e o feminino (Shakti). Esse é um momento propício para a prática do silêncio e/ou do jejum alimentar e da oração.”

“Mañana se celebra en India el Mahashivaratri (‘la gran noche de Shiva') una fecha muy auspiciosa debido a la configuración astrológica y astronómica. Es el momento del año en que la luna ejerce menor influencia sobre la mente humana, lo que favorece la experiencia de comunión con lo Divino a través de la unión entre el masculino (Shiva) y el femenino (Shakti). Este es un momento propicio para la práctica del silencio y/o del ayuno alimenticio y de la oración.”

"In India, Mahashivaratri, 'the great night of Shiva' is celebrated tomorrow. It is a very auspicious date because of its astrological and astronomical configurations. It is the time of year when the moon exerts the least influence on the human mind, which favors the experience of communion with the Divine through the union of masculine, Shiva, and feminine,Shakti. This is a good time to practice silence or fasting as well as prayer.”

Via Daily Dharma: The Point of Buddhism

Most people, myself included, want to get some benefit from something. But in Buddhism, what we’re actually trying to do is to become released from the suffering that comes from wanting to get something.

—Mark Unno, "The Buddha of Infinite Light and Life"