Monday, March 7, 2016

Via JMG: Trump Refuses To Answer Gay Marriage Question


From the Daily Mail:
Republican presidential front-runner Donald Trump refused to answer a question about same-sex marriage during a press conference Saturday night, following his electoral split of four primary and caucus states with Texas Sen. Ted Cruz. asked Trump to say whether or not he favors marriage rights for gay and lesbian couples, and whether U.S. Supreme Court justices he might appoint would be expected to work toward overturning ‘Obergefell v. Hodges,’ the 2015 decision that legalized such unions nationwide.
‘We have policy on it. And I’ve said it very, very strongly,’ Trump replied, without saying what that policy is. ‘And I think you know it. And it’s all done and, you know, in a campaign how many times do I have to say it?’
Trump said in January during an interview on ‘Fox News Sunday’ that he wished the high court had left the issue to the states to resolve, and concluded that he ‘would strongly consider’ appointing justices to overturn the ‘surprising’ Obergefell decision.
That answer allowed him enough room to maneuver in a Republican primary full of rivals on the religious right, without saying unequivocally that a President Trump would work to reverse the Supreme Court.

Via Sri Prem Baba: Flor do dia - Flor del día - Flor del día 07/03/2016

“Shiva é uma frequência de luz que nos inspira o desapego. As cinzas que cobrem o seu corpo simbolizam o fim do desejo. E através do desapego e da transcendência do desejo, é possível conquistar a morte (não mais temê-la, compreendendo que ela é apenas uma passagem para outra forma de vida). A vitória sobre a morte é a maior iniciação possível neste plano. Ela representa moksha, a liberação do ciclo de morte e renascimento.

“Shiva es una frecuencia de luz que nos inspira al desapego. Las cenizas que cubren su cuerpo simbolizan el fin del deseo. Y a través del desapego y de la trascendencia del deseo, es posible conquistar la muerte (no temerle más, comprendiendo que es sólo un pasaje hacia otra forma de vida). La victoria sobre la muerte es la mayor iniciación posible en este plano. Representa moksha, la liberación del ciclo de muerte y renacimiento.”

"Shiva is a frequency of light that inspires detachment within us. The ashes covering Shiva’s body symbolize the end of desire. Through detachment and by transcending our desires, we can conquer death. We no longer fear death, as we realize that it is but a passage from one form of life to another. Victory over death is the highest level of initiation possible in this realm. This victory represents moksha, being liberated from the cycle of death and rebirth.”

Via Daily Dharma: Closely Inspecting Experience

To see things as they are is to unearth our hidden assumptions about ourselves and our world, to bring them into the light of full consciousness, and to notice how, on close inspection, these assumptions often contradict our actual experience.

—C.W. Huntington, Jr., "Seeing Things as They Are"