Tuesday, March 29, 2016

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Via Sri Prem Baba: Flor do dia - Flor del día - Flower of the day 29/03/2016

“Aquilo que normalmente entendemos como problemas, na verdade, são oportunidades de crescimento. As crises e situações difíceis da vida são como portas de acesso para o inconsciente, onde estão as chaves para a nossa transformação. Através dessas situações, podemos ter acesso a partes da nossa personalidade que, no passado, foram trancadas em negação e ainda hoje exercem influência sobre nossas vidas, sabotando nossa felicidade.”

“Aquello que normalmente entendemos como problemas, en verdad son oportunidades de crecimiento. Las crisis y situaciones difíciles de la vida son como puertas de acceso al inconsciente, donde están las llaves para nuestra transformación. A través de estas situaciones, podremos tener acceso a partes de nuestra personalidad que, en el pasado, fueron trabadas en negación y todavía hoy ejercen influencia sobre nuestras vidas, saboteando nuestra felicidad.”

“The things we usually perceive as problems are, in truth, opportunities for growth. Crises and difficult situations in life are like doorways to the unconscious: they are the keys to our transformation. Through these situations, we may have access to parts of our personality that were locked away in denial in the past. To this day, these parts of ourselves continue to exert their influence over our lives and sabotage our own happiness.”

Via Daily Dharma / March 29, 2016: Emptiness: Digesting Rice

To eat and digest food is natural to us, as we are always changing. This organic process is called “emptiness.” The reason we call it emptiness is that it has no special form. It has some form, but that form is not permanent. While it is changing, it carries on our life energy.

—Shunryu Suzuki Roshi, "Brown Rice Is Just Right"

Via JMG: LGBT Religious Group Faith In America Denounces North Carolina Law: It’s Transphobia, Plain And Simple


The LGBT religious group Faith In America gets to the core of North Carolina’s hate bill:
Yet again, the religious right has hijacked religious narratives to justify their anti-LGBT bigotry. Ill-informed and misguided religious beliefs are being used against the transgender community in North Carolina.
“North Carolina revoked a basic human right for their transgender community — to use public restrooms,” Eliel Cruz, Executive Director of Faith In America said. “Forcing transgender Americans to find the rare single person gender neutral bathrooms or hold it until they’re home takes away their dignity. Waiting longer to use the restroom then when feels natural also can have serious health risks. All around, this piece of legislation is not only absurd but also dangerous.”
Despite all the evidence to the contrary, North Carolina’s Republicans bought and sold a “bathroom sexual predator” narrative that vilified the transgender community. This bathroom predator myth has been debunked again and again with not a single documented time it occurred. In reality, transgender people are more likely to be victims of crimes then the perpetrators. 

Furthermore, this law affects more than the LGBT community. This legislation eliminates recourse from anyone fired from their job based on race, religion, age, or handicap.
“This is not about religious freedom as many have claimed. There is no Christian doctrine that requires binary gendered bathrooms as part of religious practices,’” Cruz said. “As a Christian, I’m ashamed that others are using their religious beliefs as a vehicle to legislate hate. North Carolina’s bill is fueled by transphobia plain and simple.”
Faith In America was founded in 2006 by activist and businessman Mitchell Gold. NOT incidentally, Gold is also the co-founder of the North Carolina-based furniture design and manufacturing company Mitchell Gold + Bob Williams, which has retail showrooms in many states.

PREVIOUSLY ON JMG: In 2014 Faith In America teamed up with NYC’s Ali Forney Center to publish a full-page ad in the New York Times calling on Pope Francis to stop condemning LGBT people.