Sunday, May 8, 2016

Via Ram Dass:

May 8, 2016

If we accept that the ends of our actions often prove unknowable, we’re also freer to be focused on the process of our work as it’s happening. We can be attentive to situations as they occur. What lies before us is it. Helping is right here. Not having to know so badly, not wandering off looking, we’re more able to be present, freer simply to be.

We needn’t be troubled or worn down, then, by paradox and ambiguity. The mystery of helping can be our ally, our teacher, an environment for wonder and discovery. If we enter into it openly, our actions fall into perspective, a larger pattern we can trust. At rest in the Witness, meanwhile, we greet the outcome of our action with equanimity.

Here is a final shift in perspective which can help release us from burnout: We do what we can.

Via Sri Prem Baba: Flor do dia / Flor del dia / Flower of the Day – 08/05/2016

“O portal materno nos revela os mistérios da existência. Conforme vamos integrando os aspectos relacionados à mãe na esfera pessoal, naturalmente evoluímos para experienciar a realidade maior do poder feminino, a Mãe Universal, que nos liberta de todos os apegos à Terra. O portal materno nos revela o caminho a percorrer na encarnação.”

"It is through the portal of the Mother that the mysteries of existence are revealed. As we integrate the aspects related to the mother in our personal sphere, we naturally evolve towards being able to experience the greater reality of feminine power: the Universal Mother. She frees us from all attachments to Earth. The maternal portal shows us which path to follow in life. "

Via Daily Dharma / May 8, 2016: Love Is All Around

Most of us just haven’t learned to pay much attention to the countless moments of love, kindness, and care that surround us each day: a child at the store reaching for her mother’s hand, an elderly stranger at the park who smiles upon a young family, a grocery clerk who beams at you as she hands you your change.

—John Makransky, "Love Is All Around"