Sunday, June 12, 2016

Via Sri Prem Baba: Flor do dia - Flor del día - Flower of the day - 11/06/2016

Si amas de verdad, no pides nada a cambio. Si negocias amor justamente es porque eres incapaz de amar. La negociación funciona así: ‘¿Lo que quieres es atención? Está bien, te doy atención, pero tendrás que hacer exactamente lo que yo quiero, como yo quiero'. Este es un juego nefasto cuyo objetivo es hacer del otro un esclavo para atendertus necesidades y expectativas. Esto genera codependencia, lo que implicadepender de la miseria del otro para sentirse feliz. Necesitas hacer que el otro se sienta débil para poder sentirte fuerte. De esta forma las parejasquitan energía uno al otroy refuerzan la falsa idea de yo. Pagan este precio exorbitante, que es la pérdida de la libertad, porque están completamente dependientes. Y lo peor es que encima llaman a esoamor.”
Del libro “Amar y Ser Libre”

“When we truly love, we ask for nothing in return. When we try to bargain with love it is because we are not yet capable of truly loving. Negotiating with love looks like this: ‘Is it attention you want? Okay, I’ll give you attention, but you will have to do exactly what I want, in the way that I want it.’ This game’s objectiveis to make the other a slave in order to attend to our needs and expectations. This creates co-dependency and requires the other’s misery in order for us to feel happy. We need the other to feel weak in order for us to feel powerful. Subsequently, as partners, we suck energy from one another, reinforcing this false idea of self. We pay an exorbitant price: the loss of freedom.We become completely dependent on the other. Unfortunately, this is still what we call ‘love’.”
From the book To Love and Be Free

Via Ram Dass

June 12, 2016

I'm explicitly making my life a teaching, by expressing the lessons that I've learned through it so it can become a map for other people. Everybody's life could be like that, if they choose to make it so; choose to reflect what they've been through and to share it with others.

Via Daily Dharma / June 12, 2016: Make Your Mind Like the Earth

Disgusting things get thrown on the earth, but the earth isn’t horrified by them. When you make your mind like the earth, neither agreeable nor disagreeable sensory impressions will take charge of it.

—Thanissaro Bhikkhu, "The Joy of Effort"