Thursday, June 16, 2016

Via Daily Dharma / June 15, 2016: Examining Interdependence

It is entirely appropriate to examine in our moment-to-moment experience how craving and aversion manifest in personal psychological suffering. It is also important to follow that strand out through the interdependent karmic relationships in which each moment is entangled, to see how our desire is affecting everyone and everything around us.

—Andrew Olendzki, "The Other Dukkha"

Via Ram Dass

June 15, 2016

All action is prayer.
All trees are desire-fulfilling.
All water is the Ganga.
All land is Varanasi.
Love everything.

- Neem Karoli Baba (Maharajji)

Via Sri Prem Baba: Flor do dia - Flor del día - Flower of the day - 16/06/2016

“Antes de identificar o que fecha o seu coração e te impede de amar, é preciso identificar o fechamento. Nem sempre é fácil ver que o coração está fechado, mas é fácil identificar os sintomas do fechamento: acusação e julgamento. Se você acusa e julga é porque o seu coração está fechado. Uma coisa é enxergar o erro no outro e rezar para que ele transforme determinado aspecto negativo, e assim se libere. Outra coisa é identificar o erro e usar a sua energia (pensamentos, palavras e ações) para fortalecê-lo. Dessa forma, você cristaliza o outro naquele aspecto negativo para poder se sentir melhor do que ele. Isso é vingança.”

“Antes de identificar lo que cierra tu corazón y te impide de amar, esnecesario identificar elcierre. No siempre es fácil ver que el corazón está cerrado, pero es fácil identificar los síntomas del cierre: acusación y juicio. Si acusas y juzgas es porque tu corazón está cerrado. Una cosa es ver el error en el otro, y rezar para que él transformeun determinado aspecto negativo, y así se libere. Otra cosa es identificar el error y utilizar tu energía (pensamientos, palabras y acciones) para fortalecerlo. De esta manera, cristalizasal otro en aquel aspecto negativo para poder sentirte mejor que él. Esto es venganza.”

“Before we can identify what makes our hearts close and prevents us from loving, we must first identify when our hearts are closed. It isn’t always easy to see that our hearts are closed, but it is easy to identify the symptoms of a closed heart: blame and judgment. If we are blaming and judging the other it is because our hearts are closed. It is one thing to see the faults of another and pray for them so that they may be able to transform certain negative aspects and become free of them. It is another thing to see their faults and invest all of our energy into blaming or judging them throughour thoughts, words and actions. This only crystallizesand reinforces the other’s negative behavior so that we can feel superior to them. This is what we call revenge.”

Via Daily Dharma / June 16, 2016: Recognizing Mortality, Cherishing Life

Recognizing mortality means we are willing to see what is true. Seeing what is true is grounding. It brings us into the present.

—Anne Klein, "The Supreme Contemplation"