Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Via The Good Men Project: At the End of the Day, Love is Love

When faced with a world that can be cold and harsh, we all long for a warm protective embrace of another, regardless of gender.

It’s been a long day, a long week. I have not been my best self lately — with my students, my colleagues, and even myself. The inner critic’s voice seems to be turned to full volume. Looking in the mirror most mornings I am only capable of seeing the imperfections and scars. I am feeling my age as of late. The wrinkles on my face seem deeper, the gray hair more pronounced and out of control. New growths seem to be popping up on my skin, rough patches—barnacles—acquired from many years at life’s turbulent sea. I feel unattractive, undesirable, and to a certain extent, unloveable.
I first notice the scent of him, soap and deodorant and shampoo. It’s a scent I know now in my DNA.
I am standing at the kitchen sink now running a scouring sponge for the fiftieth time across a grease encrusted pan. The soapy water stings my dry chapped hands. I stare blankly out the kitchen window at the landscape, parched of color and detail. The wind sweeps up drifts of snow and scatters flakes in front of my view. They fail to sparkle in the dim gray light. As the snowflakes drift from sight I let out an audible sigh. Though the temperature inside is a comfortable warmth, the chilling wind outside seems to have penetrated through the walls and glass, anchoring itself deep in my bones and joints. I am no longer the idealistic, charismatic, adventurous, sensual person I used to be . . . at least not today.
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Via Daily Dharma / July 5, 2016: The Stories We Tell

To see stories as the problem is to blame the victim. Instead of getting rid of stories one can liberate them: storying more flexibly, according to the situation. Shunyata, “emptiness,” is a heuristic device to free us from wherever we are stuck.

— David Loy, "A Second Arrow Story"