Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Via Sri Prem Baba: Flor do dia - Flor del día - Flower of the day - 12/07/2016

“O agora é o portal para a eternidade; é o portal para acessar a fonte da bem-aventurança, a fonte da felicidade, que é o que somos. Ao reconhecer isso percebemos o valor de cada singular momento, porque cada instante contém a semente da mais rara oportunidade – a oportunidade da transcendência. Sendo assim, o agora é, sem dúvida, aquilo de mais valioso que uma alma humana possui.”

“El ahora es el portal para la eternidad, es el portal para acceder a la fuente de bienaventuranza, la fuente de felicidad, que es lo que somos. Al reconocer eso percibimos el valor de cada singular momento, porque cada instante contiene la semilla de la más rara oportunidad – la oportunidad de la trascendencia. Siendo así, el ahora es, sin duda, aquello de mayor valor que un alma humana posee.”

“The here and now is the doorway to eternity. It is the portal through which we can access the source of bliss, the source of happiness, which is what we truly are. As we recognize this, we see the value in each and every moment, because each moment contains a seed of rare opportunity- the opportunity for transcendence. Seen in this light, the here and now is without doubt, the most valuable thing a human soul possesses.”

Via Daily Dharma / July 12, 2016: The Wisdom of the Diamond Vehicle

In the Vajrayana, we see that our difficulties with relative reality stem from our attitudes and beliefs, rather than from relativity itself. We are called to see each arising of our day not as a threat, but as an opportunity—a chance to open our arms, lay down our weapons, and surrender to this exact moment of our life.

—Reginald Ray, "The Vajrayana Journey Is an Experience of Love, Power, and Freedom"