Wednesday, July 20, 2016


Via FB:

If you have self-hatred, it will define the quality of your love - or lack of love - and it will ultimately manifest in your love for another. You may protest upon hearing this teaching that although you struggle with self-hatred, your love for your spouse is mostly pure, and that certainly your love of your children is pure. I do not doubt the truth of your protestations, but experience has shown me that in the end there is only one love. Love is by its very nature unity, and if you have feelings of self-loathing, those feelings inevitably become part of your relationship with the loved one. 

Via Ram Dass

July 20, 2016

Love is abundant because you are love. As you become love, you get to the point where you walk down the street and someone comes, and it is the most beautiful thing that you have ever seen. You look and look and appreciate and love, your eyes meet, you both recognize the love, and you don’t have to do anything about it.

It’s nothing special to be in love, it’s very ordinary. How alien that is in this culture, to think that being in love with the Universe is ordinary.

Via Sri Prem Baba: Flor do dia - Flor día- Flower of the day - 20/07/2016

“Você se move em direção da liberdade através do amor e da compreensão.Essas são virtudes da alma que desabrocham aos poucos. Para ajudar nesse processo você, ego consciente, precisa querer. Você precisa conscientemente dar alguns passos nessa direção. E o primeiro passo é tomar consciência e olhar de frente para as suas insatisfações, angústias e repetições negativas. Porque só é possível mudar aquilo que você reconhece que existe.”

“Te mueves en dirección a la libertad a través del amor y de la comprensión. Estas son virtudes del alma queflorecenpoco a poco. Para ayudarte en este proceso tú, ego consciente, debes querer. Debes dar conscientemente algunos pasos en esta dirección. Y el primer paso es tomar conciencia y mirar de frente tus insatisfacciones, angustias y repeticiones negativas. Porque sólo es posible cambiar aquello que reconoces que existe.”

“We move in the direction of freedom through love and understanding. These are virtues of the soul that blossom gradually. In order to facilitate this process, we, as the conscious ego, must truly want freedom. We need to consciously take steps in the direction of love and understanding. The first step is to become aware of our dissatisfactions and face them, as well as our anxieties and negative repetitions. It is only possible to change that which we recognize needs to shift.”

Via Daily Dharma / July 20, 2016: Unlimited Buddha-mind

Our hearts and minds change from moment to moment, just as clouds shift in the evening sky as the sun goes down. Who are we to think we have grasped the true nature of our souls? The Buddha-mind within us will not be constrained by the limits of language.

—Abbess Fushimi, "Shedding Light"