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August 17, 2016

Because when you push against somebody (even the subtlest model in your head they should be different than they are), it awakens in them at a very in unconscious level, pushing back. A resistance, a subtle paranoia. And I have noticed in my human relationships that as I want less and less of each individual, there is much less paranoia of them at a deep level, and they are much more available immediately.

Via Sri Prem Baba: Flor do dia - Flor del día- Flower of the day - 21/08/2016

“Quando desenvolve a habilidade da auto-observação e da atenção plena, a sua memória desperta e você começa a lembrar de situações e imagens; você abre os porões do inconsciente e inicia uma limpeza. Limpar os porões significa liberar sentimentos guardados, fechar contas abertas (mágoas e ressentimentos) e se harmonizar com o passado, para finalmente poder sustentar a presença. Pois o que te tira da presença é o passado.” 

“Cuando desarrollas la habilidad de la auto-observación y de la atención plena, tu memoria despierta y comienzas a recordar situaciones e imágenes; abres los sótanos del inconsciente y comienzas una limpieza. Limpiar los sótanos significa liberar sentimientos guardados, cerrar cuentas abiertas (heridas y resentimientos) y armonizarse con el pasado, para finalmente poder sustentar la presencia. Porque lo que te saca de la presencia es el pasado.” 

“When we develop the abilities for self-observation and mindfulness, our memories awaken and we begin to remember situations and images from our past. We open the dungeons of our unconscious and begin a deep cleansing. We cleanse these areas of darkness by liberating our suppressed feelings, closing our open accounts of hurts and resentments, and by coming into harmony with our past. We do all of this so that we may finally be able to sustain presence. It is the past that robs us of our presence.”

Via Daily Dharma / August 21, 2016: The God of Silent Music

Zen and Catholicism meet deep inside me . . . There is nothing to contradict and nothing to harmonize. They don’t say the same thing, because they don’t say anything. They don’t address the one God expressed in different languages, because the only God there is, is the God of silent music.

—Thomas Moore, "Zen Catholic"

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