Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Via Ram Dass

August 24, 2016

Water, when it flows downstream, doesn’t have a model of what it’s doing. It’s just being water, and water floats downstream, because that’s how water works. The thing that is extraordinarily hard for any of us to truly realize and to have sufficient faith to accept, is that if you stop having views, having models, planning, desiring, organizing, and structuring, it’s all right.

You don’t stop your desires as long as you stay in a human body. You break the identification with them. That's all that's required.

It isn’t necessary to give up a thing. It’s necessary to give up attachment to the thing. That’s all that’s required.

Via Sri Prem Baba: Flor do dia - Flor del día- Flower of the day - 24/08/2016

“A necessidade compulsiva de trocar de parceiro sexual é um desdobramento da gula; é um mecanismo de defesa que serve para amortecer a consciência. Por trás dessa compulsão existe um profundo medo da intimidade. Você tem medo de aprofundar na relação por que teme se revelar para o outro. O que faz com que você perca o interesse sexual pelo outro é o medo que ele veja algo em você que você não aceita. Você tem medo de entrar em contato com algo que não quer ver. No mais profundo, ao fugir do outro, você está fugindo de si mesmo.” 

“La necesidad compulsiva de cambiar de pareja sexual es undesdoblamiento de la gula; es un mecanismo de defensa que sirve para adormecer la conciencia. Por detrás de esta compulsión existe un profundo miedo a la intimidad. Tienes miedo de profundizar en la relación porquetemes revelarte al otro. Lo que te hace perder el interés sexual por el otro, es el miedo de que él vea algo en ti que no aceptas. Tienes miedo de entrar en contacto con algo que no quieres ver. En lo más profundo, alhuir del otro, estás huyendo de ti mismo.”

“The compulsive need to change our sexual partners is an unfolding of gluttony. It is a defense mechanism that serves to numb our consciousness. Behind this compulsion lies a deep-rooted fear of intimacy. We fear deepening into a relationship because we are afraid to reveal ourselves to the other. What makes us lose our sexual interest in our partner is that we fear they are seeing something in us that we don’t accept about ourselves. We dread coming into contact with something that we don’t want to see. At the deepest level, when we try to escape the other, we are attempting to run and hide from ourselves.”

Via Daily Dharma / August 24, 2016: The Everyday Buddhist

Buddhism after patriarchy calls for a radical reassessment of the relationship between spirituality and so-called “everyday life” . . . Now maintaining one’s livelihood and taking care of one’s environment and family need to be accepted as an alternative that is not inferior to monasticism.

—Rita M. Gross, "After Patriarchy"

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