Wednesday, August 31, 2016

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August 31, 2016

Here in the West, we treat personality as absolutely real, we really think it’s real. Who you think you are is really real. For example, you were battered as a child and that seems very real, because it’s a strong mental structure in your head and it permeates you and you are carrying your history with you on your shoulders.

At some point you will start to see that each person is presenting who they think they are. It’s like they’re putting on a huge mind net, “This is who I am, this is who I am, this is who I am…” You can start to see it in the way they walk, talk, dress, present themselves; always presenting who they think they are, which has a historical thread running through it.

When you have started to awaken and see that there are other planes of reality that are equally valid to the one which presently exists, you learn how to live more or less with more and more planes simultaneously, which is what freedom is about. It’s not totally standing in one plane, it’s not standing anywhere at all.

Via Sri Prem Baba: Flor do dia - Flor del día- Flower of the day - 31/08/2016

“O ódio da mãe, no decorrer dos milênios, tem se manifestado das mais diversas maneiras através do abuso do feminino. E o abuso sexual é uma das expressões mais agudas desse ódio. No cerne dessa problemática está a carência afetiva; e por trás dela está a repressão sexual. O sadismo, a promiscuidade, a perversão e a pornografia são filhos da repressão sexual. Isso quer dizer que, embora nossa sociedade tenha no mínimo dez mil anos de história, nós ainda não aprendemos a lidar com a sexualidade. Ela ainda é um grande tabu. E para que possamos mudar esse cenário, a sexualidade precisa fazer parte da educação, tanto dentro de casa como nas escolas. Mas, para isso, pais e educadores precisam estar preparados através do autoconhecimento.”

“El odio a la madre, a través de los milenios, se ha manifestado de las más diversas formas a través del abuso del femenino. Y el abuso sexual es una de las expresiones más agudas de este odio. En el centro de esta problemática está la carencia afectiva; y detrás de ella está la represión sexual. El sadismo, la promiscuidad, la perversión y la pornografía son hijos de la represión sexual. Esto significa que, aunque nuestra sociedad tenga por lo menos diez mil años de historia, todavía no hemos aprendido a lidiar con la sexualidad. Sigue siendo un gran tabú. Y para que podamos cambiar este escenario, la sexualidad precisa ser parte de la educación, tanto dentro de casa commo en las escuelas. Pero, para ello, padres y educadores precisan estar preparados a través del autoconocimiento.”

“Hatred of the mother, over the millennia, has manifested in various forms of female abuse. Sexual abuse is one of the most severe expressions of this hatred. At the heart of this problem, lies the need for affection, and behind this, sexual repression. Sadism, promiscuity, perversion and pornography are the results of sexual repression. Even though our society has at least ten thousand years of history, we still haven’t learned to deal with sexuality. It is still a great taboo. In order for us to change this scenario, sexuality needs to become part of our educational system, both at home and at our schools. Parents and teachers need to be prepared for this role through the process of self-knowledge.”

Via Daily Dharma / August 31, 2016: Enlightened Desire

The Buddha teaches that there are many wholesome desires: the desire to serve, the desire to give, the desire to be free, the desire to cultivate qualities of heart that ennoble our lives and lead us to connect with others. It’s desire that causes us to seek depth and understanding. It is desire that brings about wholesome social change and justice.

—Christina Feldman, "Doing, Being, and the Great In-Between"