Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Via Sri Prem Baba: Flor do dia - Flor del día- Flower of the day - 13/09/2016

“Sem honestidade só é possível crescer no mundo material(se é que podemos chamar isso de crescimento). Alguns chegam a construir impérios com base na mentira, mas tudo o que é construído sobre fundações de mentira - fundações irreais - está fadado a, em algum momento, desmoronar. Tudo que nasce da mentira é ilusório e temporário; tudo que nasce da verdade é real e eterno.”

“Sin honestidad solo es posible crecer en el mundo material (si es que podemos llamar a eso crecimiento). Algunos llegan a construir imperios en base a la mentira, pero todo lo que es construido sobre cimientos de mentira – cimientos irreales – está destinado a desmoronarse en algún momento. Todo lo que nace de la mentira es ilusorio y temporario; todo lo que nace de la verdad es real y eterno.”

“Without honesty it is only possible to grow in the material world, if we can actually call this growth. Some even build empires with foundations based on lies, but everything built on falsehood with unreal foundations, sooner or later, is bound to fall. Everything that is born from deceit is illusory and temporary. Everything that is born from truth is real and eternal.”

Via DailyDharma / September 13, 2016: Natural Creativity

When we trust our creative energy, we encounter a supreme kind of enjoyment—an amazement at the natural unfolding of life beyond our ordinary way of looking at things. When we talk about creating art—or more importantly, the art of living a sane life—it means trusting our basic nature and its natural creativity.

—Dzigar Kongtrul, "Free Expression"

Via Daily Dharma / September 12, 2016: A Useful Reminder

While the practice of dharma may (and often does) bring some comfort, enjoyment, and even happiness in this life, the seeking of these states has always been the very definition of what is not dharma practice. We seek these naturally, no practice required.

—Linda Heuman, "What’s at Stake as the Dharma Goes Modern?"