Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Via Sri Prem Baba – Awaken Love / Flower of the Day: 03/22/17

“We are at the height of a profound planetary transformation that has been marked by a major environmental crisis. Within this context, the waters have been our greatest messenger. The waters of the world have shown us where we are on this evolutionary journey as well as the next steps that should be taken. Although many people are awakening as individuals, in collective terms, we are still very primitive. Our awareness is very low, so we do not hear the message that the waters have been trying to give us through droughts, storms, floods and tsunamis. Archetypically, the waters, like all of nature, represent the Universal Mother; which also includes our biological mother. What causes us to destroy nature and treat it as an object to be exploited? What happens when we don't see the spirit that inhabits all living beings? Behind this blindness lies a deep hatred for the mother.”
Sri Prem Baba