Sunday, January 15, 2017

NYCGMC Tonewall meets The Golden Girls

Via Eckhart Tolle

✣...A New Species is arising on the Planet. It is arising now, and You are it...... ✣ 

Eckhart Tolle

Via Ram Dass

Truth is one of the vehicles for deepening spiritual awareness through another human being, and if there is a license for that in the relationship, in any relationship – with guru, with friend, with lover, with whatever it is – it is an absolutely optimum way of coming into a liquid spiritual relationship with another person.

But it’s very, very delicate because people feel very vulnerable. They have parts of their mind that are cut off, that the idea that’s been socialized is, “If I show this part of me, I would not be acceptable.” And the ability to risk that, finally you learn how to have your truth available.

Via Sri Prem Baba

Via Daily Dharma / The Only Answer:

To the degree and extent a person practices dharma, to that degree and extent that person gets protection from the dharma. We can never get protection from anything else, no matter how much security, or insurance, or how many secure locks we have—never.

—Bhante Henepola Gunaratana, "Going Upstream"