Thursday, March 9, 2017


Altruism, Assertiveness, Beauty, Bravery, Brevity, Charity, Cheerfulness, Clarity, Cleanliness, Compassion, Commitment, Confidence, Concentration, Consideration, Contentment, Cooperation, Courage, Courtesy, Creativity, Curiosity, Detachment, Determination, Devotion, Discretion, Education, Empathy, Endurance, Energy, Enthusiasm, Faith, Flexibility, Focus, Forgiveness, Freedom, Friendliness, Generosity, Gentleness, Grace, Gratitude, Happiness, Helpfulness, Honesty, Honor, Hope, Hospitality, Humility, Idealism, Imagination, Immaculacy, Independence, Industry, Initiative, Integrity, Joy, Justice, Kindness, Knowledge, Love, Loyalty, Meekness, Mercy, Moderation, Modesty, Nobility, Non-Violence, Obedience, Optimism, Patience, Peace, Perseverance, Prayerfulness, Prudence, Purity, Radiance, Reliability, Remembrance, Resilience, Resourcefulness, Respect, Responsibility, Reverence, Sacrifice, Self-Control, Self-Discipline, Selflessness, Serenity, Servitude, Silence, Sincerity, Steadfastness, Strength, Tolerance, Thoughtfulness, Thrift, Tranquility, Trustworthiness, Truthfulness, Understanding, Unity, Will-Power, Wisdom, Wonder, Zeal

Via TED: Megan Phelps-Roper: I grew up in the Westboro Baptist Church

Via Daily Dharma / Buddha Wisdom

When a distraught mother asked [the Buddha] to heal the dead child she carried in her arms, he did not perform a miracle, but instead instructed her to bring him a mustard seed from a house where no one had ever died. She returned from her search without the seed, but with the knowledge that death is universal.

—The Buddha, "Who is the Buddha?"