Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Via Ram Dass

Ultimately you live simultaneously in all of the planes of consciousness all the time, so that in a way, it’s like a vertical cut up – you look at somebody, they’re there; they’re not there.

There’s an interesting series of stages in Karma Yoga, the yoga of living daily life as an exercise in becoming pungent, where you develop a witness – a place in yourself that watches your whole melodrama, your dance. It doesn’t judge you, it doesn’t try to change you, it’s not trying to become enlightened, it’s just watching the whole thing.

- Ram Dass -

Via Sri Prem Baba – Awaken Love / Flower of the Day: 05/31/17

“The truth simply is. There’s nothing to argue with, because it is permanent. It doesn’t change at all, despite the interventions and creations of the mind. When the truth reveals itself, you perceive yourself as satchitananda: absolute existence, awareness and bliss. Therefore, truth is synonymous with the human being’s ultimate reality.”
Sri Prem Baba

Via Daily Dharma: Freedom from Who We Think We Are

What gets in the way of this movement toward our authentic self, more than anything, is our insistence on identifying with the small self—preserving our narrow world of being special, of needing to look and feel a particular way.

—Ezra Bayda, “No One Special To Be

Via Sri Prem Baba: What envy is trying to tell you

What envy is trying to tell you: Feelings of inferiority, inadequacy and helplessness are behind envy.

Envy is a force that must be understood.  It is a defense mechanism created to numb the pain we feel when we believe we are inferior to others.  At some point we develop the belief that we are incapable and powerless to achieve certain things. This shock of helplessness was possibly installed in us very early on in life, while still a baby and trying to nurse but couldn’t, either because our mother didn’t have any milk or because the milk was contaminated by hatred, fear, or other manifestations of lovelessness.