Wednesday, December 27, 2017

Via Ram Dass / Words of Wisdom - December 27, 2017

For respect to come to you, you must respect yourself first. And for you to respect yourself first, you've got to make contact with that part in you that is worthy of respect. Not your will, but a deeper part of your being or discipline.
-  Ram Dass  -

Via Daily Dharma: The Great Teacher

Nature is the great teacher. Shakyamuni went to the jungle to find its teachings, Moses up the mountain, Jesus to the desert, and Bodhidharma and Muhammad to their caves. We tend to forget this, so it is important to have a practice that reminds us of it again.

—Clark Strand, “Turn Out the Lights

Via Daily Dharma: Let Desire Melt Away

All we can say is that desire arises in the mind, stays in it for a while, and dissolves in it. The more we try to find any intrinsic characteristics in desire, the more it melts away under our gaze, as frost under the morning sun.

—Matthieu Ricard, “Working With Desire