Wednesday, April 11, 2018

Via ri Prem Baba – Awaken Love / Flower of the Day: 04/11/18

“Strengthening the inner observer is fundamental for sustaining presence and not becoming identified with suffering. We simply watch the thoughts that come and go without holding on or entering into dialogue with them. The thoughts are compulsive because our psychological selves think compulsively. Each one of them tells their own story, and we have a tendency to believe what they tell us. And when we believe it, we become the story. This is what I mean when I say,’identification.’ A psychological self comes and tells us we’re a victim, and we believe it; we become identified with the idea of being a victim. This happens when the observer stops observing and confuses itself with that which is being observed. When the observer gets confused like this and identifies with thoughts, we can spend a long time under the story’s spell.”
Sri Prem Baba