Friday, June 15, 2018

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Meditation for Dummies...

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All is not lost!

It’s kinda funny here, just when I get somewhat anxious, or a little bit of despair creeps in about the current world condition, something hopeful shows up.  I normally wait for the bus at the bus stop closer to HQ, but today, I walked down to the next stop, I have no idea, why, I just did.

My bus took its time, and as I was waiting two old ladies were conversing. As I listened, I realized one was telling the other about a wedding she went to, Between two men. She was describing it, and she got all teary. She was so moved as at first, she thought it was strange, but then the celebration was so sweet, and told the other lady how sweet the one groom was in his words to the other, and how everyone was crying, and the place was lovely. Before her bus came, they both agreed that love is love, and that two people happy like that deserve it. The other lady said that people who are prejudiced against gay people are out of step… it made my day.

All is not lost!

Via Daily Dharma: You Have What You Need

We need to develop confidence in our innate qualities and believe that these can be brought to fruition. We all have buddhanature. We have all the qualities needed for the path.

—Jetsunma Tenzin Palmo, “Necessary Doubt