Thursday, September 6, 2018

Via Daily Dharma: Emerging into Serenity

How does one come to a confident and positive view that is not naive, given the state of the world? By walking through one’s own anger and despair and emerging into serenity.

—James Thornton, “Radical Confidence

Via Daily Dharma: The Ultimate Gift

To donate money, to offer your time and skills, to give food or drink, and to share tears or laughter, are all valuable ways to express generosity towards others…[but] the ultimate gift of all is the gift of our presence.

—Beth Roth, “Family Dharma: The Joy of Generosity

Via Daily Dharma: The Dharma’s True Home

Liminality—in-between-ness—is the dharma’s dwelling place…The dharma’s true home is always in between, and that’s why it can set us free.

—Kurt Spellmeyer, “The Wisdom of Uncertainty