Saturday, February 16, 2019

What are the views of a SGI member on homosexuality?

The focus of Nichiren Buddhism is to transform hardships and sufferings and enjoy a meaningful happy life. There are no commandments in Soka Buddhism on personal matters of the individual.

President of SGI, Daisaku Ikeda addressed the LGTBQ community within SGI at their cultural meetings and celebrations: “Daisaku Ikeda, recently circulated a message to LGBT members, Robert proudly recites it off by heart, “Nature is diverse, human Beings are diverse, that is the natural way of things.”

Daisaku Ikeda also regularly sends messages to annual meetings of SGI’s gay groups, his most recent said: “Buddhism makes it possible for us to bring forth our innate, brilliant humanity to the fullest, enabling us to manifest it through our unpretentious, natural behavior as genuinely human beings”.

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