Saturday, January 12, 2019

Via Daily Dharma: Letting Go of the Story

Witnessed without judgment, the spasms of defense and aggression, the hint of a child’s tears behind the eyes, relax and dissolve. The story of injury and humiliation dies on the vine.

—Joel Agee, “Not Found, Not Lost

Via Daily Dharma: Just Listen

Open yourself to the music of the world in this moment, in this place.

—Martine Batchelor, “Instructions for Listening Meditation

Via Daily Dharma: Free To Question

When we ask an open question we have not yet found an answer. And this leaves the mind free, unobstructed, and ready for adventure… There is nothing ignorant or vague about this openness, because questioning actively engages the movement and fluidity of life.

—Elizabeth Mattis Namgyel, “The Power of an Open Question

Via Daily Dharma: Transform Challenges Into the Path

Every meditator has challenges. Rather than taking the obstacles as problems or as unfortunate distractions, a more useful attitude is to patiently and contentedly learn the skills and insights that can transform them into stepping stones along the path of practice.

—Gil Fronsdal, “Evaluate Your Meditation