Friday, May 3, 2019

Guided Mindfulness Meditation with Miles Kessler Sensei

Guided Mindfulness Meditation with Miles Kessler Sensei from Eagle de Botton on Vimeo.

A simple, very powerful, 20 minutes guided Mindfulness Meditation with Dharma teacher and Aikido Sensei Miles Kessler. After a 90 second description you will be guided by Miles into a 20 minutes, easy to follow, Mindfulness Meditation session.

Note that this guided meditation was recorded outdoor, by the lake side of Zurich, Switzerland. You are going to hear the sound of the nature, including sounds made by human...:) Let it be!
Meditation make it possible to experience the deepest part of ourselves. Only then we are able to engage in life beyond the narcissistic self, and be fully functional human beings, creating a better future for us all. (As add-on "side effects", meditation is also know, and proved scientifically, to improve our mental and physical health, and make us feel a lot happier...:).

So, find yourself a quit place, sit in a comfortable position, and... follow the instructions.

This video clip is an Eagle de Botton - Good Reality Conscious Service for awakenedTV and (The Awakened Campaign). is a free video channel, sponsored by

Via Daily Dharma: The Greatest Pursuit

When you pursue awakening, it’s not going to lead to disappointment. Quite the contrary, it goes wildly beyond your expectations, wildly beyond your hopes.

—Thanissaro Bhikkhu, “Power of Conviction

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