Wednesday, November 20, 2019

Social Action - Ram Dass Full Lecture 1980

From the 'Ashram Without Walls' series, Ram Dass discusses how we can align our aspirations with our actions. We learn to listen in order to discover our dharmic role, as we honor our incarnation in every unfolding step. "Don't get lost in the many and forget the one, don't get lost in the one and forget the many". (San Francisco, CA - 4/15/1980) Please click the following link for additional teachings on service: 

Photos: David Lenfest, Rameshwar Das

The Plane of Pure Love - Ram Dass

Via Lion's Roar: The Path of Gratitude

The Path of Gratitude
The goal of Shin Buddhism’s central practice, nembutsu, is not to attain buddhahood for ourselves, says Jeff Wilson, but to express gratitude for all we have received.
Shinran understood Amida as buddhanature. As he puts it, “Buddhanature is none other than Tathagata [Buddha]. This Tathagata pervades the countless worlds; it fills the hearts and minds of the ocean of all beings. Thus, plants, trees, and land all attain buddhahood.”

Liberation is therefore always naturally avail­able and needn’t be chased after endlessly. Shinran taught that we must give up attachment to our ego-laden efforts to become enlightened and relax back into the embrace of inconceivable wisdom and never-abandoning compassion. In this way, we are freed from our anxieties and pettiness. Our practice, then, stops being about attaining buddhahood for ourselves and instead becomes about expressing gratitude for all that we have received. This is a way of life that deep­ens as the years pass; as Shinran put it, “My joy grows even fuller, my gratitude and indebted­ness ever more compelling.” 

Via Ram Dass / Words of Wisdom - November 20, 2019 đź’Ś

"Of course it's embarrassing not to always be infinitely wise, but I feel that what we can offer each other is our truth of the process of growing, and that means we fall on our face again and again.

Sri Aurobindo says, 'You get up, you take a step, you fall on your face, you get up, you look sheepishly at God, you brush yourself off, you take another step, you fall on your face, you get up, you look sheepishly at God, you brush yourself off, you take another step,' and that's the journey of awakening.

If you were awakened already, you wouldn't do that, so my suggestion is that you relax and don't expect that you will always make the wisest decisions, and just realize that sometimes you make a decision, and it wasn't the right one, and then you change it."

- Ram Dass -

Via Daily Dharma: Embark on the Path of Enlightenment

Supreme enlightenment encompasses a path that we can comprehend, a way by which we can understand the universe as it exists and by which we can live in harmony with all things in the universe.

—Nikkyo Niwano, “The Austerities of the Bodhisattva”


USA for UNHCR: "Somewhere" performed by Portland, Maine's Pihcintu Chorus.

"Somewhere" performed by Portland, Maine's Pihcintu Chorus. Pihcintu is comprised of refugee and immigrant girls from 22 countries who have made Portland, Maine their new home. They come from countries like Burkina Faso, Iraq, Vietnam and El Salvador. Many fled war, violence and persecution, but have found safety in the Pine Tree State’s vibrant refugee community. 
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