Sunday, January 19, 2020

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Ram Dass Loving Awareness Meditation (20 Minutes)

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Join us LIVE on Wednesday, January 22nd, at 8 pm EST for an online Moment to Be Here Now in honor of Ram Dass.

Following his death on December 22nd, the Love Serve Remember Foundation is honoring Ram Dass with a worldwide Moment to Be Here Now.

This will not only be a celebration of Ram Dass’s enormous heart and vast teachings but also an opportunity to gather together as a global community. The live online gathering will include:
  • Opening comments and a reading from Mirabai Bush
  • Silent reflection and a brief “loving awareness” meditation
  • Chanting from Ram Dass’s long-time friend Krishna Das
Though Ram Dass has left his physical form, his legacy reverberates louder and brighter than ever before.

We hope everyone who has been touched by Ram Dass will join us to remember together and to help cultivate loving awareness for 2020 and beyond.

P.s. - We will send out a reminder on Wednesday a few hours before the event goes live at 8 pm EST. Or you can bookmark the link below. Click here to find your local time for the event.

Via Love Serve Remember Foundation / Words of Wisdom - January 19, 2020 šŸ’Œ

Mantra is a repeated phrase designed to keep your consciousness centered. It’s a perspective giving device. It’s adding a third component to every relationship you have with objects in the universe. This could be OM, this could be the sun, this could be Buddha consciousness, this could be called the witness. It’s a technique of adding a third component in order to get free of the identification with either of the other two.
You can use the mantra to find a center in yourself and to keep that third component going. Which allows you to watch your own drama all day long. It’s all a vehicle, and it’s going to have to go. But mantra is a useful vehicle...

- Ram Dass -

Via Daily Dharma: What Is Boundless Joy?

Boundless joy, not to be mistaken for frenzied exultation, is delight in others’ happiness. It banishes jealousy and stabilizes our capacity for engagement.

—Anne C. Klein, “The Four Immeasurables”