Wednesday, January 22, 2020

#lovingramdass Honoring Ram Dass – A Moment to Be Here Now

Via LionsRoar / Ram Dass lives on in collaborative album with East Forest

Musician East Forest’s collaborative album with the late spiritual teacher Ram Dass encompasses his lifetime of wisdom in 14 tracks, bringing his teachings to life after death.

In 2018, musician East Forest found himself in Maui, Hawaii, sitting in the upstairs study of spiritual teacher Ram Dass’s home — just the two of them sat in the room with microphones set to record.

“I realized that I’d made my way into what felt like the spiritual White House, and that it was no small feat,” he says.

As East Forest hit record, Ram Dass stared at him, awaiting a question. East Forest asked him about nature, and how we might use it to connect to ourselves in the high speed, the hyper-digitized world we live in.
Ram Dass paused, and thought for a while, staring out to the ocean and thumbing through his mala beads.

Nature embraces us, and we embrace nature
We are nature
We are the trees and the clouds and the waters
When you hug a tree, you’re hugging yourself

The responses became “Nature,” the first track of the East Forest’s album, Ram Dass.

Via Ram Dass - Love Serve Remember Foundation / Words of Wisdom - January 22, 2020 šŸ’Œ

The key is that God, Guru and self are one.
The quickest way to get through your stuff is to learn how to listen inside. The inner guru is always there for you once you recognize it. You must honor your own path. You must be able to trust that there is a place in you that knows what is best. There is a tendency to look to others for guidance. Only you know what is suitable for you.

Trust your intuitive heart. The Quakers call it, "The still small voice within." When it speaks, listen. If it feels "right on" do it.

- Ram Dass -

Via Daily Dharma: How Delight Can Heal Us

Gladness and delight do not merely balance out negative tendencies, they actually heal the aversive mind.

—James Baraz, “Lighten Up!”


Via Daily Dharma: Grounding Yourself with Breath

The circus of rage, superiority, and judgment is just another invitation to come back home and breathe.

—Tina Lear, “I Wanted to Watch Bill Cosby Suffer”