Friday, February 7, 2020

Namaste Chillout ॐ) Indian Yoga Music

Via Meditative Mind - 11 Mins of Om So Hum Mantra Meditation ❯ Reduces Stress ❯ Brings Spontaneous Joy & Happiness

OM SO HUM - Is a very simple but profound Mantra and is so effective that it can bring complete transformation to oneself - Spiritually, Emotionally and Physically. Its not only a mantra but the sounds itself are so calming to human brain that just chanting this mantra with reduce stress and when you will open your eyes after the meditation, watch that smile you have... It brings that spontaneous joy and happiness. Om So Hum Meditation is known to transform an individual to a being with higher state of consciousness and can connect with that divine consciousness, that universal energy. If you are looking for Om So Hum Mantra sung by Choir, here is the link :

Tibetan Monks Chantiing Om for Deep Meditation and Spiritual Awakening

OM SO HUM Mantra Meditation (New)

Via Daily Dharma: Work with Whatever Arises

When we sit in meditation, we sit in the midst of our own opposites: our strengths and weaknesses, our desires and dislikes. In doing so, we express a willingness to work with everything that arises in the field of our own mind.

—Noelle Oxenhandler, “The Buddha’s Robe