Friday, September 25, 2015

New Audio Download - Discover Forms of Yoga with Ram Dass

Are you searching for new methods or techniques that you can use to connect with and more fully embody a deeper state of awareness?

When we first begin to recognize that who we are is not limited to time and space, we often wonder how we can effectively investigate our growing curiosity.

In this new audio release, Ram Dass offers a detailed and informative exploration of several traditional forms of yoga that can be applied in our daily lives to facilitate working with, rather than against, our humanity.

In this talk, Ram Dass helps us to discover:

- Methods for escaping the prison of the mind, body and heart
- Practical applications of different Yogic forms in daily life
- How to become the creator, not the victim
- How to learn to let go when things inevitably change

A lengthy question and answer period concludes the discussion, covering a variety of topics including physical pain, the role of choice in our lives, emotions and awareness, obsessions, intuition versus ego, and conscious parenting.

Your download also helps to support the efforts of the Love Serve Remember Foundation to curate more enriching talks from Ram Dass and friends for years to come, making his teachings available for future generations.

Download the talk here.

Purchase the download so you can take it with you on a drive or hike while saving data on your cellular plan. You can also share with a friend.

**There will be a free streaming version available starting October 15th.

We hope you find this talk useful in cultivating more awareness in your day-to-day life.

Love Serve Remember Foundation