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Activist Elijah With Michele Bachmann

Via UFOP: Debate sobre diversidade reúne a comunidade acadêmica no ICSA

Na noite da terça-feira, 06 de dezembro, cerca de 200 pessoas, entre professores, alunos, técnicos e convidados, reuniram-se no Instituto de Ciências Sociais Aplicadas (ICSA) da Universidade Federal de Ouro Preto (UFOP) para participação no debate “Sim à diversidade”. O evento teve como principal objetivo a conscientização sobre a luta contra o preconceito, a discriminação e a violência, e o combate à homofobia e ao sexismo.

O debate contou com a presença do psicólogo e mestrando pela Universidade Federal de Minas Gerais (UFMG), Leonardo Tolentino, que estuda a relação entre Educa&cce! dil;ão e projetos de combate à homofobia em escolas. Tolentino é um dos fundadores do Grupo Universitário em Defesa da Diversidade Sexual (GUDDS!), Coordenador do Projeto Educação sem Homofobia em Santa Luzia, e Pesquisador do Núcleo de Direitos Humanos e Cidadania LGBT (Nuh/UFMG) e do Núcleo de Psicologia Política (NPP/UFMG).

Em sua fala, Tolentino apresentou elementos da discussão política sobre a homofobia, e diferenciou a violência contra homossexuais que acontece nas ruas, geralmente associada a mortes e violência física, daquela que acontece em instituições e espaços privados. O psicólogo destacou a importância do papel da Universidade na produção de conhecimento e na transformação do espaço: “Como instituição pública, ligada à esfera política, a Universi! dade deve abraçar a missão de trazer para discus! s&atilde ;o o princípio da igualdade, fundamental para a democracia”.

Após a fala inicial de Tolentino, estudantes dos cursos de Serviço Social e Jornalismo tiveram a oportunidade de relatar pesquisas e projetos em torno do tema, e anunciaram o interesse na criação de um coletivo para promover o debate e a conscientização acerca das questões da homossexualidade e da diversidade na UFOP.

Também estavam presentes no ICSA o Pró-Reitor de Administração, André Lana, o Pró-reitor de Assuntos Comunitários e Estudantis, Rafael Magdalena e o Pró-Reitor Adjunto de Graduação, Adilson Pereira dos Santos, que reafirmaram o apoio de suas Pró-Reitorias ao movimento. O evento também contou com o apoio e a colaboração do Diretor do ICSA, José Arthur dos Santos Ferreira, e da Vice-diretora d o Instituto, Juç! ara Brittes, dos representantes dos colegiados do Instituto e de professores dos cursos de Serviço Social, Jornalismo, Administração, Economia, do Departamento de Educação e do Cead.

(Foto: Movimento Batalho pela Diversidade)

Lost Identities, LGBTQI People and the Baha'i Religion by Michael McCarron

The Past is a foreign country: they do things differently there
-L. P. Hartley

The Baha'i religion is a New Religious Movement (NRM) that developed out of Shi'a Islam, it began in the latter part of the 19th Century, when a man named Mirza Husayn-`Ali, Baha'u'llah, declared that he was the promised one of God, a world redeemer, that would usher in a era of peace and harmony. The Baha'is view Baha'u'llah as the messianic fulfillment not just of Islam but also of Judaism and Christianity, as well as other religious traditions such as Hinduism, Zoroastrianism, and Buddhism. Some of the basic principles of the Baha'is is that of the removal of all prejudice, the view that science and religion must be harmonized or religion is superstition, independent investigation of truth, equality among genders. With these principles one would anticipate that the Baha'i religion would be welcoming to LGBTQI people, however, this is not true. Openly LGBTQI people are either forced into a closet or have their administrative rights removed with some reporting outright excommunication. In the following I examine the LGBTQI issues in the Baha'i religion and why it is viewed so negatively. To understand a position we need to understand the society, culture and time-placeness of an particular cultural issue. The development of these beliefs is tied to the cultural heritage of the Middle East looking at Judaism, then Christianity, then Islam and finally in the modern Baha'i belief system we can gain appreciation for the time-placeness of specific viewpoints on LGBTQI people. Intrinsically aligned with the issue of sexuality is that of gender. The modern western view of binary gender identification is not a cultural universal, there are many genders in many different cultures, there is no one universal gender social construct. Even in Judeo-Christian-Islamicate culture there have been historically 3 gender identities, rather then the contemporary 2 gender identities. 

Gavin Creel "NOISE" An Anthem for Equality

Via JMG: Reasons To Hate PETA, Part 89

Last week when the Senate approved the National Defense Authorization Act, included in that spending bill was an amendment overturning the military ban on sodomy. And since the ban on sodomy was in the same clause that banned fucking animals, the wingnuts are screaming that it's now legal to fuck goats in Obama's military. Yesterday when a reporter for the viciously anti-gay World Net Daily questioned White House press secretary Jay Carney about it, he rightfully laughed the asshat out of the room.

Enter PETA.
“In watching last night's news briefing, we were upset to note that you flippantly addressed the recently approved repeal of the military ban on bestiality,” the group wrote in the letter to Carney. “With respect, this is no laughing matter. Our office has been flooded with calls from Americans who are upset that this ban has been repealed—and for good reason. As we outlined in the attached letter sent yesterday to the secretary of defense, animal abuse does not affect animals only—it is also a matter of public safety, as people who abuse animals very often go on to abuse human beings.”
PETA is demanding that the ban on bestiality be reinstated and apparently they have little concern over whether that move would also reinstate the ban on sodomy. The ban on both remains in the House version of the bill, which is headed for reconciliation with the Senate's version. If PETA makes enough noise, there's a good chance that the sodomy ban will remain. But please don't let the rights of gay American soldiers get in the way of stopping the national epidemic of horse-fucking!

Read PETA's complete press release.

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Via JMG: NYT Reports On Clinton Speech

The New York Times reports on yesterday's historic move by the Obama administration, which is says was months in the planning.
Mrs. Clinton anticipated the sensitivity of the issue for some more conservative countries, saying that “the obstacles standing in the way of protecting the human rights” of lesbians, gay men, bisexuals and transgendered people “rest on deeply held personal, political, cultural and religious beliefs.” She argued that gay rights transcended national, political and even culture boundaries, casting them as universal rights like those adopted by 48 nations in the aftermath of World War II in what was called the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. Mrs. Clinton’s aides so worried about the reaction of some countries at the Human Rights Council that they did not advertise the theme of her remarks before she delivered them. In the end, no representatives from the council’s 47 member nations walked out, and the audience gave her a standing ovation.
Read the full story.

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Via JMG: Maddow: Clinton's Speech Was Historic

Make the jump here to the story on Maddow

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Via JMG: SCOTLAND: Activists Call For Public Opinions On Same-Sex Marriage

Activists from Scotland's Equality Federation are soliciting public opinions on marriage equality. Submissions will be reviewed by the government.
Respondents do not have to be Scottish to express their opinion on the issue; the group can forward views from other countries in the UK and the world, which will then be looked at separately by the government. They say the decision taken by the government will have a important effect on how Scotland is perceived abroad, and overseas views should be taken into account. So far, the group has received around 15,000 messages through their website, but they are keen to boost the volume and diversity of responses in support of equal marriage rights.
You can submit your message here.

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Via JMG: Networks Ignore Obama Announcement

Igor Volsky notes that the major news networks made no mention of yesterday's landmark announcement by the Obama administration.

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Via JMG: CALIFORNIA: Hate Groups Now Pushing FIVE Anti-Gay Ballot Measures

Equality California last night sent out the above alert. It's apparent that hate groups have decided to simply overwhelm the good guys with a high number of attacks. It would likely cost tens of millions of dollars to defend against all five measures. We'll have to see if the other side has the financial backing to push them through.

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Via JMG: IOWA: Majority Of GOP Voters Support Same-Sex Marriage Or Civil Unions

JMG reader Matthew points out that buried way down in the latest New York Times poll we learn that 58% of Iowa's "likely GOP caucus goers" support either full marriage equality or civil unions. We'll wait here while the hate groups report that little nugget. Checks watch....

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Via JMG: Changes For SF's Castro Theater?

Roger Ebert just tweeted that San Francisco's magnificent and legendary Castro Theater is changing its focus away from movies. Others on Twitter report that some of the employees have already been let go. (The theater's online calendar still shows a full schedule through the end of December.) The blog that Ebert links to says that the venue will still host the occasional film festival, but that the building will be remodeled into a live music hall. I'll update this post when more is known.

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Via JMG: Rick Perry: I'm Not Ashamed To Admit That I'm A Christian Who Hates Gays

Three days in a row on the same theme. Rick Perry appears to be completely hanging his hat on anti-gay hate. Move over Frothy. Make room Crazy Eyes.

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Via Utne:

Krishna Das combines Eastern moods and Western grooves to lift listeners.

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