Saturday, September 27, 2014

"BAD ASS GAYS" film trailer. Premieres on Logo TV/Fall 2014

Flower of the Day: 09/27/14

“This is my prayer: ‘Oh Lord! Come and inhabit my body, inhabit my mind and intellect, inhabit my heart, so that no one may tell us apart. May I be one with you. May every word that comes out of my mouth be an expression of your holy word. May every act that I practice be an expression of your holy will.’

Our prayers should be made towards this direction, because we know there is no other request to be made. Intellectually, we have already understood that we are here to move from a state of separation and isolation to a state of oneness. We are moving from selfishness to altruism, from fear to trust, and from hatred to love.”

- Sri Prem Baba

Via Daily Dharma

It's About Being Connected | September 27, 2014

My path to enlightenment will only come from being connected to the world around me. It’s not just about being centered inside; it’s about being connected to your world.

- Njeri Matheu, "People’s Climate March"