Friday, May 11, 2012

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Beautiful: The New Yorker Magazine cover celebrating President Obama's support for the freedom to marry.

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Numbers unconfirmed, but a powerful statement on elections, their consequences, and the perils of voter apathy. Put yourself in these shoes.

There are over 6 million registered voters in NC and only 20% (1.2million) voted in yesterdays election. We allowed about 750,000 people or 12% of the registered voters to decide that Amendment One is going to be written into the NC state Constitution.

NC Registered voters:
2.7 million Democrat
1.9 million Republican
1.5 million Unaffiliated
Great find by Davey Wavey Fan Page!

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If we look at each other superficially, we see differences - and as we place emphasis only on those differences, we grow more distant. But if we look at each other as our our kind, as human beings just like ourselves, we find that we are not that dissimilar.

We are the same human flesh - we all want happiness. From mutual recognition, we can build respect. From respect, we can build trust. From trust, we can build harmony, cooperation, and peace. And from there, we can stop many problems.

Reach out to someone today, that you might otherwise see as "different".

Thank you for being here with me today.... — at I took this photo near Hanoi, Vietnam.

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Tricycle Daily Dharma May 11, 2012

The Path of Optimism

Buddhism is a path of supreme optimism, for one of its basic tenets is that no human life or experience is to be wasted or forgotten, but all should be transformed into a source of wisdom and compassionate living.

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