Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Via JMG: TONIGHT: Married Florida Couple To Attend State Of The Union Address

Via Equality Florida:
Congresswoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz (FL-23) has invited newlyweds Todd and Jeff Delmay to accompany her to Washington, D.C. for President Obama’s State of the Union Address on Tuesday, January 20. Residents of Hollywood, Florida, Todd and Jeff were the second couple in Florida to marry on January 5th when Judge Sarah Zabel lifted her stay on same-sex marriage; the first in Broward County to be married. They were plaintiffs, along with Equality Florida Institute and five other same-sex couples, in Pareto v. Ruvin, which successfully challenged Florida’s ban on marriage equality.
It will be a teasplosion. Whee!

RELATED: The Delmays were represented by the National Center for Lesbian Rights and the Equality Florida Foundation in their winning lawsuit against Miami-Dade County.  NCLR head Kate Kendell: "The true heroes in the march to win the freedom to marry have been the couples, who sacrificed  their privacy and risked ridicule in standing up to demand that we live up to our ideals of equality and justice for all. It is fitting that our clients—and truly all same-sex couples—will be acknowledged and honored with this invitation of a lifetime. We all share in this thrilling moment. Once again, history is made."

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Via JMG: Bret Baier: Why I Pulled Out Of Legatus

"I pulled out of the speech at Fox’s request - because of the controversy surrounding some of these articles and editorials that have been published in the Legatus magazine. I am a lifelong mass attending Catholic - I’m a lector at my parish. I consider myself to be in line with my Church on most things. This isn’t about me.. but, describing homosexuality as a ‘disorder’ and talking about ways to ‘cure’ people from it – does not seem to line up with the loving, accepting Church that I know. Nor does it match up with how Pope Francis has talked about the issue recently. I couldn’t speak because of that - I don’t wish the group any harm, but after Gary Sinise pulled out.. as a newsman, Fox agreed that I could not be surrounded by that controversy… as much as I would have loved to have talked about my book, my faith, and my son’s battle with congenital heart disease. That is the truth." - Fox News anchor Bret Baier, from an email published today by Porno Pete, who is ever so pissed at Fox. (Via Good As You)
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Anderson Coopers takes on the 'gay agenda'

Flor do Dia - Flor del Día - Flower of the Day - 20/01/2015

“A principal distração dessa jornada é a ideia da vítima, ou seja, a ilusão de que existe algum culpado pelo seu sofrimento que não seja você mesmo. Independentemente das falhas reais do outro, o melhor que você pode fazer é olhar para os seus próprios defeitos; é identificar a sua responsabilidade no conflito. Caso contrário, você fica preso num infinito jogo de acusações e desperdiça a vida olhando para o erro do outro.”
“La principal distracción de este camino es la idea de la víctima, es decir, la ilusión de que existe algún culpable por tu sufrimiento que no seas tú mismo. Independientemente de las fallas reales del otro, lo mejor que puedes hacer es mirar hacia tus propios defectos; es identificar tu responsabilidad en el conflicto. De lo contrario, te quedas atrapado en un infinito juego de acusaciones y desperdicias la vida mirando el error del otro.”

“The main distraction on this journey is the idea of the victim. There exists the illusion that there is someone to blame for our own suffering rather than us. Regardless of the other’s real faults, the best we can do is to look at our own defects and identify our own responsibility in the conflict. If we do not look at ourselves, we remain imprisoned in this endless game of accusations, wasting away our lives looking at others’ faults.”

Via Daily Dharma

The Joy of No Sex | January 20, 2015

The Buddha taught that sexual activity is part and parcel of craving (kama-tanha, the craving for sensuality), described in the second noble truth as the cause of suffering, a source of clinging and attachment (upadana, or attachment to sensual pleasure), a hindrance to meditation and a fetter or obstruction to liberation. More obstructive than the object of desire itself is the mental activity we generate around it—the constant thinking and planning and anticipation about how we get the goods. When sex is involved, kama-tanha is a given. When sex is not involved, it can be easier to see how kama-tanha takes over.

- Mary Talbot, "The Joy of No Sex"