Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Via ॐ Thich Nhat Hanh Quote Collective ॐ

Let us walk together and let us generate the energy of peace and happiness and joy. Let us transform this place and this time into the kingdom of God, into the pure land of the Buddha. This is possible. The collective energy of mindfulness will be generated and penetrate into every one of us for our transformation and healing.

--Thich Nhat Hanh--

Via Nalanda LGBT Buddhist Cultural and Resource Center:

The truth you believe and cling to makes you unavailable to hear anything new.

JMG Tweet Of The Day

After an Iowa restauranteur launched a new menu item dubbed "Santorum Salad," you knew it would be about ten minutes before the dish had a Twitter account. Only ten or so tweets so far, but most of them are gold, Jerry, gold!

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Via JMG: Cindy & Meghan McCain Pose For NOH8

Andrew Belonsky reports that the pair previously posed separately, but have just rejoined the NOH8 campaign for a mother/daughter shot. Nice timing too, caucus-wise.

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Via JMG: Today's Big Lie From The Christian Right

"In the few states where marriage has been redefined to include same-sex couples, various churches and ministries have already been threatened with the loss of their tax exempt status if they refused to perform ceremonies for same sex couples." - Bishop Harry Jackson, writing for Town Hall.

Jackson is repeating the same ridiculous lie put out last month by New York Archbishop Timothy Dolan, who claimed (also without any proof) that Catholic churches were being threatened with lawsuits for not performing same-sex weddings. They really don't care, obviously, that WE know they are lying. Their audience takes them at their word and that's all that matters. Praise! Glory! Donate!

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Via Gay Politics Report: Santorum favors dissolving marriages of same-sex couples

  • Former U.S. Sen. Rick Santorum, a Republican running for president who has performed well in recent polls in Iowa, said in an interview last weekend that he favors ending the marriages of gay and lesbian couples who legally wed under current state laws. Santorum explained that their marriages would be "invalid" under his proposed amendment to the U.S. Constitution. "What exactly happens to the kids in many of those families ... and why would it be a good thing for them and for society if they experienced the government forcibly tearing their parents' marriages apart?" Michelangelo Signorile writes. MSNBC (1/3), The Huffington Post (1/1), GoPride.com (1/1) LinkedInFacebookTwitterEmail this Story

Via Gay Politics Report: Should Obama engage opponents on marriage issue?

  • President Barack Obama this year is unlikely to change his official position on marriage because he’s reluctant to energize voters who are deeply opposed to gays and lesbians legally marrying, say political observers. One marriage equality advocate insists the president would gain from officially supporting marriage equality, but others say Obama's smart to allow the his cabinet members to make sweeping policy statements and note that Obama’s progress on LGBT issues is already substantial. The New York Times (tiered subscription model)

É hora de ser solidário!

Via AmericaBlogGay: The top 10 gay reasons to vote Republican in 2012

It's not entirely clear what the source of this is. It's from "Boston Spirit Magazine," but at the same time is on the Boston Globe Web site. Odd. Ah, it seems to be a gay blog on the Globe site. Anyway, I'm surprised reason 6 made its way past the Globe's editors.

JMG Editorial Of The Day

From ESPN Magazine:
Just as some argue that gay players can't gain the respect of their teammates, there were those who felt that white players would never believe in their black teammates. We hear that gay players' sexuality would be a distraction in the locker room, just as black players supposedly weren't intelligent, disciplined and committed enough to satisfy whites. The objection that fans would savage an openly gay player is no different from the belief that whites did not want to sit in the same section as blacks (or live next door to them). For every concern that fundamentalists would not accept a gay player, so too was it believed that Southerners would never play alongside black players.
Read the full article. (Tipped by JMG reader Michael)

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Via JMG: Civil Unions Begin For Hawaii & Delaware

With the new year comes the enactment of civil unions for the residents of Hawaii and Delaware. Hawaii News Now tells of the first couples to take part there:
For Donna Gedge and Monica Montgomery, there was a lot of anticipation as they awaited the stroke of midnight -- and the law to take effect. "It's very high," said Montgomery. "We've been waiting a long time and now the night is finally here so it's really exciting." "I'm nervous," said Gedge. When asked how long she and Montgomery had been together, she replied, "We've been together for 33 years, so it's been a very long time." Lydia Pontin and Bonnie Limatoc-DePonte said they were ecstatic and happy, but also knew they were part of a historic occasion. "We are not doing this to hurt anybody. We are just doing this because we love each other," Pontin said. Limatoc-DePonte immediately added, "And we want to be able to live like everybody else and be able to have a life and have it together and enjoy. We are not trying to step on anybody's toes or anything."
(Via - Andrew Belonsky)

RELATED: Five states now have civil unions: Illinois, New Jersey, Rhode Island, Hawaii, and Delaware.

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Via JMG: Feds To Anti-Gay Group: Disclose Donors

Laurel Ramseyer reports at Pam's House Blend:
For the third time in two years a federal court has told Family Policy Institute of Washington that they can’t hide the identity of donors to their political action committee “Family PAC“. Yesterday a 3-judge panel from the U.S. Court of Appeals for the 9th Circuit released a 23-page opinion affirming an earlier federal district court ruling that upheld Washington’s campaign donor disclosure laws.

Washington’s Public Disclosure Law and related code requires political committees to disclose the names and addresses of contributors giving more than $25, and in addition the occupations and employers of contributors giving more than $100. FPIW alleged that these laws are unconstitutional because potential donors to Family PAC “have indicated that they are unwilling to donate if Family PAC is required to report their name and address.” They offered no evidence to back up that claim, however.
Ramseyer notes the FPIW is an affiliate of the Family Research Council and Focus On The Family. This doesn't bode well for NOM, does it?

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Via JMG: he Wife Of GOP House Majority Leader Eric Cantor Supports Marriage Equality

Via JMG: Ricky Martin To Marry In New York

I guess the rumor that he was going to get married in Spain was just that.
Puerto Rican singer Ricky Martin and his boyfriend Carlos Gonzalez will marry on Jan. 28 in New York, the El Nuevo Dia newspaper reported on its Web site Sunday. Martin and his partner, according to a source close to the Puerto Rican daily, will wed in the U.S. city which last June 24 approved marriage between homosexual couples.

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Via Tricycle Daily Dharma:

Tricycle Daily Dharma January 3, 2012

The Value of Slowing Down

We can afford to drop our defensiveness and listen to our colleagues; we can afford to be imaginative and open. If we slow down and drop our resistance to work’s unpleasantness, we discover that we are resourceful enough to be daring, free from fear and arrogance. Such confidence enables us to know instinctively which situations need to be confronted, which should be nourished, and which can be disregarded. Mahakala reminds us to sharpen up during times of conflict, to be mindful and pay attention. With such alertness we can in fact preserve the sanity of our workplace even during extreme discord.
- Michael Carroll, "Mahakala at Work"
Read the entire article in the Tricycle Wisdom Collection