Monday, September 9, 2013

Via JMG: Sochi Olympics Head Asks IOC To Stop Bad Press About Russia's Anti-Gay Laws

The head of the Sochi Olympics yesterday asked the IOC for help in squashing the international headlines about Russia's anti-gay laws.
Sochi organizing chief Dmitry Chernyshenko was asked at the IOC general assembly about the possible impact of the legislation that bans gay "propaganda." He said the Russian government had made clear the law would not affect the games, and he urged the IOC to convey the message to "those who are still trying to speculate on this very transparent and very clear topic." "It's very important to have your support to stop this campaign and this speculation regarding this issue," Chernyshenko said. Chernyshenko reiterated that the law doesn't ban homosexuality in any way and "doesn't contradict any element of the Olympic Charter." He noted that President Vladimir Putin has assured that the Russian constitution "guarantees the equality of rights and freedom for everybody" in the country, including guests, visitors, athletes, fans and the Olympic family.
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Via JMG: Ruth Bader Ginsburg: Same-Sex Marriage Shows The Genius Of The US Constitution

Speaking on Friday in Philadelphia, Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg said that growing acceptance of same-sex marriage demonstrates the genius of the US Constitution.
"So I see the genius of our Constitution, and of our society, is how much more embracive we have become than we were at the beginning," Ginsburg said in a far-ranging discussion of her work at the National Constitution Center, steps from the nation's founding at Independence Hall. Ginsburg, 80, gave no hint she would wind down her judicial career anytime soon, noting that the fall docket includes such important issues as campaign finance limits and affirmative action. And, despite her sharp ideological differences with some colleagues, including close friend Antonin Scalia, she said their work environment remains cordial.
Last week Ginsburg became the first Justice to officiate at a gay wedding.

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Via Tricycle Daily Dharma:

Tricycle Daily Dharma September 9, 2013


Fearlessness is not the absence of fear, but the willingness to walk into it. When I walk into my fear, practice there, sit upright in the middle of it, completely open to the experience, with no expectation of the outcome, anything is possible. When our circumstances look impossible or terrifying, there is a way.
- Judith Randall, "The Hidden Lamp"
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