Sunday, January 22, 2012

Via Tricycle Daily Dharma:

Tricycle Daily Dharma January 22, 2012

What Kind of Mind?

When you check your mind, do not rationalize or push. Relax. Do not be upset when problems arise. Just be aware of them and where they come from; know their root. Introduce the problem to yourself: “Here is this kind of problem. How has it become a problem? What kind of mind feels that it's a problem?” When you check thoroughly, the problem will automatically disappear. That's so simple, isn't it?
- Lama Yeshe, "Your Mind is Your Religion"
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Via JMG: MILESTONE: Every Company On Fortune's Best 100 List Protects Gay Employees

Google is the nation's best company to work for according to the 2012 edition of Fortune Magazine's annual rankings. And for the first time, every company in the list's top 100 offers sexual orientation non-discrimination protections.
"It's been gathering strength over the 15 years that we've done the survey," said Milton Moskowitz, a co-author of the list. Similar progress has been made in benefits for same-sex domestic partners, which are now offered by 89 of the 100 companies listed, up from 70 five years ago. "It's not surprising to me that the places that are ranked the best to work are also the ones that are going to respect and value their employees," said Michael Cole-Schwartz, communications manager at the Human Rights Campaign, an organization that advocates on behalf of lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender Americans.
RELATED: About 60% of Fortune 500 companies currently offer domestic partner benefits. That's almost double the number from ten years ago.
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via jmg: Freedom To Marry Issues Impressive List: American Mayors For Marriage Equality

A Freedom To Marry press conference including Mayor Bloomberg and many others is underway at this writing. Video to follow, hopefully. If your mayor does not appear on the list, send him/her this statement to join.

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Via JMG: Sex-Act Morality Flow Chart

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