Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Via JMG: SCOTUS To Consider Four More Marriage Cases At January Conference

We already know about Louisiana and now four more have been added. Via Chris Geidner at Buzzfeed:
The Supreme Court is set to consider on Jan. 9 whether it will hear appeals of same-sex couples’ marriage challenges in cases out of five states, one of the legal teams representing the couples told BuzzFeed News on Monday. “The Tanco [Tennessee case] petition will be considered at the Court’s January 9 conference, along with … petitions filed by the plaintiffs in Michigan, Ohio, Kentucky, and Louisiana,” National Center for Lesbian Rights spokesperson Erik Olvera told BuzzFeed News on Monday afternoon. The plaintiffs and marriage equality advocates alike hope the petitions will provide the Supreme Court with the chance to take a case to resolve the issue nationally with a ruling that would apply across the country.
More from SCOTUSblog:
At issue in the Sixth Circuit cases is a ruling by the appeals court for that region, upholding all of the bans on same-sex marriage licensing or recognition in the four states. At issue in the Louisiana case is a decision by a federal trial judge in New Orleans upholding that state’s ban on licensing and recognition. If the Court takes an initial vote on the cases, on the question of granting or denying review, when it returns in January from a winter recess, and ultimately grants review, the cases could be scheduled for briefing, oral argument, and a final decision in the current Term, which runs through late June or early July. The distribution of the four Sixth Circuit cases for the January 9 Conference is not yet reflected on the Court’s electronic docket, but is expected to be entered there on Tuesday. The docket does reflect that scheduling for the Louisiana case.

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Tide commercial / advertisement with a Gay Couple

Via JMG: MAP: Our Historic Year For Marriage

Embiggen the above map from Freedom To Marry and marvel at this year's progress. As seen in the graphic below, even more action is coming early in 2015.

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Flor do Dia - Flor del Día - Flower of the Day - 23/12/2014

"O princípio único da vida se expressa de diferentes maneiras através de cada um. Ele nos dá a chance de experimentar a matéria, e ela nos permite conhecer essa tão complexa e misteriosa criação que é o ego humano. E através dessa experiência, dessa grande aventura, amadurecemos e aprendemos a ir além da consciência humana, para alcançarmos a consciência crística.”

“El principio único de la vida se expresa de diferentes maneras a través de cada uno. Él nos da la chance de experimentar la materia, y ella nos permite conocer esa tan compleja y misteriosa creación que es el ego humano. Y a través de esa experiencia, de esa gran aventura, maduramos y aprendemos a ir más allá de la consciencia humana, para alcanzar la consciencia crística.”

“The one and only principle of life is expressed in a number of ways through each one of us. It gives us the chance to experience matter and it allows us to get to know the complex and mysterious creation of the human ego. By experiencing this great adventure, we mature until we are able to go beyond the human awareness to reach the Christ consciousness.”
- Sri Prem Baba

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What Poetry Needs | December 23, 2014

Poetry needs the breath. It needs the voice. It needs the body. It needs the mind.

- Anne Waldman, "Radical Presence"