Wednesday, May 29, 2013

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Via JMG: The Three-Pronged Pitchfork Of Bigotry

"The first prong is political. When a politician like Marco Rubio is willing to sacrifice his career defining immigration reform legislation solely to insure that gays and lesbians are denied equal protection under the law, we have to admit that we're under attack. This is not pragmatic politics at work. These are the policies of bias, exclusion and unfairness.

"The second wave is the steady barrage coming from those who would call themselves moral leaders. Shielded behind lecterns, they assign condemnation with impunity. Claiming to be brimming with the love of their creator, they spew forth the cowardice of the mob. Fundamentalism, whether raining down terror abroad or in homilies from our home parishes, is the enemy. It is the death knell of tolerance, progress and compromise. Fundamentalism is, in all practicality, nothing but an invitation to bigotry.

"And thirdly, when we excuse homophobia as a matter of opinion instead of treating it as a destructive social illness, we invite fear to explode into violence. How often are the perpetrators of hate-crimes discovered to be self-loathing? Valued individuals do not strike out against strangers." - Harvey Fierstein, writing for the Huffington Post.

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Via Buddhism on Beliefnet:

Daily Buddhist Wisdom

Without love we could not survive. Human beings are social creatures, and a concern for each other is the very basis of our life together.
- His Holiness the Dalai Lama

Via Tricycle Daily Dharma

Tricycle Daily Dharma May 29, 2013

Fostering a Meditative Life

Don’t be a slave to style. Don’t take more from the world than you’re willing to give back. And learn to undo the perceptions—so heavily promoted by the media—that shopping is a form of therapy and that a purchase is nothing but a victory or a gain.
- Thanissaro Bhikkhu, "Skillful Shelter"
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