Thursday, February 25, 2016

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Via JMG: INDONESIA: Mayor Tells Young Mothers That Instant Noodles & Canned Milk Will Make Their Baby Gay


Coconuts Jakarta reports:
We seriously do think that Indonesian politicians are competing to see who can say the craziest, most scaremongering thing possible about LGBT issues. After Defense Minister Ryamizard Ryacudu recently declared that the pro-LGBT movement was more dangerous than nuclear warfare, today we have Tangerang Mayor Arief Wismansyah saying that feeding your baby canned milk and instant noodles might make them gay. We wish we were joking.
Most scientists would strongly agree with the crucial importance of early childhood nutrition, but we’re pretty sure there isn’t a single credible scientist who would agree with what Mayor Arief went on to say. According to him, nowadays parents are so busy that they often only feed their children formula and instant foods, which can have a permanent negative effect on their child’s development. “So, it’s no wonder that recently there are more LGBT,” he concluded.
Now to be fair, Arief also said at the seminar that regional leaders such as himself should not discriminate against any of their citizens, even if they are deviant members of the LGBT community. Which is a nice thing to say. Because it would be really unfair to discriminate against somebody just because their lazy parents turned them gay by feeding them formula and instant noodles as a child.
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Via Sri Prem Baba: Flor do dia - Flor del día - Flower of the day - 25/02/2016

“O amor é o poder que permite que transcendamos todas as nossas limitações. Nosso trabalho é remover tudo aquilo que nos impede de manifestar esse poder. Nosso desafio é remover as capas temporárias formadas pelo karma; capas que fecham nosso coração e restringem nossa capacidade de amar. Somente um coração aberto pode colocar o amor em movimento; e somente quando o amor está em movimento, ou seja, está sendo compartilhado com todos, a ascensão é possível. Portanto, nosso maior desafio é sustentar o coração aberto em todas as situações da vida.”

“El amor es el poder que nos permite trascender todas nuestras limitaciones. Nuestro trabajo es remover todo aquello que nos impide manifestar ese poder. Nuestro desafío es remover las capas temporales formadas por el karma; capas que cierran nuestro corazón y restringen nuestra capacidad de amar. Sólo un corazón abierto puede poner el amor en movimiento; y sólo cuando el amor está en movimiento, es decir, está siendo compartido con todos, la ascensión es posible. Por lo tanto, nuestro mayor desafío es mantener el corazón abierto en todas las situaciones de la vida.”

"Love is the power that enables us to transcend all of our limitations. Our job is to remove everything that prevents us from manifesting this power. Our challenge is to remove the temporary layers formed by karma, which keep our hearts closed and restrict our ability to love. Only an open heart can put love in motion, and only when love is being shared can we ascend. Our greatest challenge is to sustain an open heart in all situations of life.”

Via Daily Dharma: On Daily Practice

As Buddhists, we take up the work of the community. We weed the garden, we wash the dishes.

—Susan Moon, "Ten Practices to Change the World"