Thursday, January 3, 2019

Via Ram Dass / Words of Wisdom - January 2, 2019 šŸ’Œ

As I have gone from identity with ego to identity with soul or the witness, I have found a space and a way in relation to the mystery of the universe that allows me to be with the suffering that lives on this plane, mine and others, in a way that doesn't overwhelm me. I'm not overwhelmed by my impotence to take it all away and I don't have to look away from it, and I deal with it as it arises.

- Ram Dass -

Via Daily Dharma: Making Sense of the Moment

Buddhist practice is never about creating goals and trying to achieve them. It’s about learning to see clearly for ourselves our own real state in each and every moment. As we come to see what life really is, we begin to behave more logically and ethically, because that’s what makes sense.

—Brad Warner, “The Enlightenment Pill

Via Daily Dharma: Enjoying the Journey

Whatever technique one is using, remember that the spirit of practice is more important than the technique. Finding a way to enjoy just sitting is key. Sitting meditation is a refuge, not a test.

—Narayan Liebenson Grady, “The Refuge of Sitting