Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Via JMG: Concerned Women Are Concernstipated About Gay Marriage Ruining Europe

"While the social science research clearly and unequivocally shows that marriage is central to the welfare of individuals and the entire social order, unwarranted changes in family structure are profoundly reshaping our post-modern society and even our global economies. [snip] Ireland has the brightest fertility outlook, with total fertility measured at 2.1 (children per woman) and Greece, following at 1.5. Italy, Portugal, and Spain all have fertility rates of 1.4 children per woman, which is a growing concern in terms of exasperating the old-age dependency ratio. Throughout the years, what we have learned, to our sorrow, is that the consequences of the decline in marriage and breakdown of the family have not only negatively affected generations of individuals on a personal level, the decline of marriage has undermined social institutions and shaken the stability and economic viability of nations." - Janet Crouse, writing on the Concerned Women blog.

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Via JMG: PEW REPORTS: Anti-Gay Religious Groups Spending Big Despite Economy

Virulently anti-gay Christian groups figure prominently in the Pew Forum's ranking of spending for religious advocacy. Roll Call notes that NOM more than doubled its spending the year after the passage of Prop 8.

Keep in mind that all of the above groups maintain separate arms for "political advocacy" and other spending. For example, the total 2010 expenditure for Focus On The Family alone was $138,000,000. That's about two times the combined annual budgets of the ten largest LGBT rights groups.

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Via AmericaBlogGay: UC Davis pepper-spray cop accused of previously slurring gay cop

But an alleged anti-gay slur by Pike also figured in a racial and sexual discrimination lawsuit a former police officer filed against the department, which ended in a $240,000 settlement in 2008. Officer Calvin Chang's 2003 discrimination complaint against the university's police chief and the UC Board of Regents alleged he was systematically marginalized as the result of anti-gay and racist attitudes on the force, and he specifically claimed Pike described him using a profane anti-gay epithet.