Wednesday, October 26, 2016

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Love Always Wins - Mikey Wax (Feat. Prophecy) #LoveWins #PrayForOrlando

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Broad knowledge, skill,
Well mastered discipline, well-spoken words:
This is of the highest protective charms.

~ Samyutta Nikaya 2.4

Via Ram Dass


The cosmic humor is that if you desire to move mountains and you continue to purify yourself, ultimately you will arrive at the place where you are able to move mountains. But in order to arrive at this position of power you will have had to give up being he-who-wanted-to-move-

mountains so that you can be he-who-put-the-mountain-there-in-the-first-place. The humor is that finally when you have the power to move the mountain, you are the person who placed it there--so there the mountain stays.

Via Sri Prem Baba:

Via Daily Dharma / October 26, 2016: A Buddhist Prayer

The most basic Buddhist prayer is “may all beings find peace,” which expresses the positive mental state of loving kindness. It is not a prayer directed to some higher power outside the meditator, but the articulation of an attitude; at a deeper level, an aspiration; and at a still deeper level, a commitment.

—Gareth Sparham, "Prayer: Venerable Gareth Sparham"